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Packing Like a Pro: Moving Tips For a Stress-Free Experience

We’re pretty sure that anybody who has gone through a move would agree that it can be one of the more stressful life experiences. Taking all of your belongings and putting them in a brand new space isn’t easy, but we have a short list of ways to streamline and simplify the process, so you can have a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

1. Pare Down and Purge Away

One of the most important moving house tips is to reduce the actual amount of stuff you’ll be taking to your new space. The best way to declutter before a move is to divide your belongings into Marie Kondo-style categories. You’ll want to start with clothes, papers, books, komono or miscellaneous items, then save the sentimental pieces for last. After getting rid of anything that doesn't “spark joy,” you can donate or sell what you don’t keep.

2. Hire a Moving Company

Once you accept the fact that you’ve probably evolved past bribing friends and family to help you move with pizza and beer, you’ll realize that hiring a moving company is the way to go. In addition to boxes for moving house, these professionals most often provide the transportation and the packing supplies. They also do the heavy lifting and can ensure you stay on a schedule.

3. Iron Out the Details

A list of things to do when moving house wouldn’t be complete without including essential tasks like arranging your utilities and notifying anyone and everyone who needs to know about your change of address. If you have pets, make sure you have a plan for them, whether that means scheduling a sitter or setting up boarding. Last but not least, don’t forget to register to vote!

4. Create a Packing Plan

Because packing is a pain in the you-know-what, helpful packing tips and packing hacks are probably the most valuable pieces of advice when it comes to making moving day go smoothly. You’ll want to start off by starting early, and by early, we mean packing what you can months in advance. From off-season clothes, to books, decor and mementos, there are plenty of things you don’t need immediate access to. You also want to make sure you label your boxes clearly by category and by room.

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