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13 Living Room Organization Furniture Ideas That Are Actually Easy to Maintain

Your living room is one of the most important areas of the home. It's where you relax, host family gatherings and entertain guests. Ultimately, you want this space to be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, if you have a small living room, this is easier said than done. To help you transform even the tiniest living rooms into welcoming spaces, we've assembled this list of 13 living room storage ideas.

1) Decorate Walls With Floating Shelves

While console tables and cabinetry are great storage solutions, they're rather bulky and intrusive. If you have a small space to work with, consider installing floating shelves. Also known as open shelving units, floating shelves consist of planks of wood that are installed directly into the walls. They simultaneously conserve space and provide a platform to showcase your favorite decorative items.

2) Place a Coffee Table In the Center

Are you looking for a central living room item that can double as a storage piece? If so, a coffee table may be exactly what you need. This staple living room furniture unit is the perfect place to store small items like magazines, houseplants and decorations. To maximize space, opt for a double layer coffee table (which features a second surface below the main tabletop). This way, you can store items on the bottom layer and use the top to serve meals and drinks.

3) Play Around With Mirrors

Mirrors can do more than show you a reflection. Believe it or not, placing mirrors behind your shelves, tables or storage cabinets can actually enhance the interior lighting and make the room appear bigger and brighter. Plus, the reflection of your furniture items makes for a unique look. Restaurants and other small businesses have been using the mirror hack for years to make their space appear bigger, so why not apply it to your living room?

4) Declutter With Bar Carts

If you need extra storage space but don't want to clutter up your living room, a bar cart is a great piece of furniture to have. It usually features two or three open shelves where you can place a variety of items, as well as a set of wheels that allow for easy transportation. And, with the right aesthetic flair, you can transform it into an appealing room decor item. For instance, you could top the bar cart off with colorful flowers, houseplants or figurines.

5) Invest In a Few Side Tables

Decorating with side tables or a sideboard is a great living room idea for those with smaller homes. Unlike with coffee tables, you don't need an open, centralized space to use a side table. These can be squeezed in next to the couch, and they provide a convenient surface for placing food and drinks. To maximize space, get a table that has drawers or a small storage unit underneath the surface.

6) Get Built-In Bookcases

Do you like the idea of having a bookcase, but are worried it will take up too much space? Consider getting a built-in bookcase instead. These bookcases are enclosed on the sides and back, leaving the front exposed. Although it will take up some of your wall space, it won't intrude into the living space the way regular bookshelves would. Plus, it doesn't just have to carry books – feel free to load your bookcase with anything you please.

7) Swap the Sofa For a Storage Bench

Sofas may be comfortable, but they consume quite a bit of space in your living room. If you want to optimize your space and enjoy a more unique room decor item, try getting a storage bench. The inside of the bench provides ample closed storage space for holding items, while the top offers a comfortable seating option. As an added perk, this unorthodox furniture piece can serve as a fun talking point.

8) Set Up an Entertainment Center

When it comes to living room decor ideas, you won't find many that are more popular than the classic entertainment center. This furniture item usually features a TV stand, cubbies or shelves and an alcove for a television set. Most people use the storage space to host cable boxes, television remotes and video game consoles – then, if there's space leftover, you can add artwork, books or any other decor items you may have.

9) DIY Your Own Storage Baskets

Do you have any artistic talent? If so, why not use it to create your own furniture pieces? There's nothing quite like homemade art to grab someone's attention. While you can make anything you want, we recommend creating storage baskets. Not only are baskets fairly easy to construct, but they're also functional. Not to mention, when you're making them yourself, you can customize the size and color to your liking.

10) Use Hanging Lamps

An important part of any living room set-up is the lighting. It's nice to have some extra lighting available for reading, working or hosting get-togethers, but lamps can quickly clutter up the space. That's why hanging lamps are a great option – they provide a boost of illumination without taking up any floor or tabletop space. You can even use them to improve upon your interior design. Colorful lamps, crystal chandeliers and lanterns are all fun ideas to try.

11) Fill the Space With Storage Ottomans

There's a reason why more and more homeowners are decorating their living rooms with ottomans. Not only are they fun seating spots, but they also offer hidden storage space. You can put anything inside an ottoman, from kids’ toys and spare home decor to books and board games. Not to mention, they're smaller than couches and armchairs (which is helpful if you want a clutter-free floor space).

12) Use Foldable Furniture

Sofas, chairs and tables are all convenient living room furniture items to have. Unfortunately, they don't exactly save room. If you want to have these items, but don't want to lose your precious space, try getting foldable furniture instead. You can store your foldable chairs and table away, then set them up whenever you have guests over.

13) Repurpose Alcoves Into Window Seats

One of the best ways to decorate your living room is repurposing available space. For example, if you have alcoves along your windows or walls, add in a cushion and transform the space into a cozy seat. Alternatively, you could treat alcoves as an additional storage option and fill them with spare items. As long as you're willing to get a little creative, there's no shortage of things you can do!

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