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12 Storage Bench Ideas That Make Life Easier

Do you have belongings and accessories lying about all over your home due to lack of storage space? Transform your cluttered home with multi-function storage benches that not only give you a place to hide things away, but can serve double duty as seating. Indoors or out, DIY or custom made, rustic or fancy, these benches enhance your decor while curing your storage headaches.

Accent a Large Wall Art Piece

Prevent a large wall from looking bleak and empty with an oversized painting or wall hanging and a seating storage bench underneath. Jazz up the space by covering the bench to match the predominant color of the piece, or give it a more eclectic feel by using a complementary print fabric. Show your bohemian style with a simple wooden bench underneath a large macrame hanging. Create a picture wall with several small storage benches in front for people to sit and enjoy. Use a bench to store pillows and a small folding side table to turn it into seating. Wheels allow a dual-purpose bench to travel to wherever extra seating is needed.

Storage benches do double-duty as furnishings and places to stash your stuff.

Cuddle Up With a Book

If you love books, a great way to create an impromptu reading nook is to place a storage bench between two bookcases or underneath a bright, sunny window. Use it to stash some comfy pillows and a throw for those moments when you just want to snuggle up and get lost in a good story. A raised bench gives you a place to stash your shoes underneath.

Hide Away Extra Bedding

Living in a small space or studio? If your couch is also your bed, a storage bench provides a home for your couch cushions at night and your linens during the day. If your bench doubles as a coffee table or dining room seating, all the better. In a bedroom, a storage bench at the end of the bed is the perfect place to stash your comforters and blankets during the summer months. Add a colorful throw on top for a splash of color.

Neaten Your Hallway With a Shoe Storage Bench

Whether you enter your home through a hallway or mudroom, you're sure to want to shed those dirty shoes before entering the house. A shoe storage bench is essential for making sure shoes and boots don't just get tossed into a sometimes wet, muddy pile but are placed neatly where they can dry and be easily found when heading out the door. Paint your bench in bright colors or add name tags for each family member to turn a utilitarian bench into a true piece of artful decor. Add wall hooks above the benches to create an easy diy coat rack.

Create a DIY Rustic Storage Bench

If you like DIY projects, consider turning wooden crates into a bench with cubbies for whatever you want to store. An old dresser can be cut down to size and turned into a cute plant bench with drawers for your plant care tools. Antique footlockers with big wheels to increase the height make wonderful flip-top storage benches. Love woodworking? Use old pallets to build a sturdy storage bench at very little cost.

Stash Your Outdoor Accessories

Outdoor entertaining requires numerous outdoor accessories such as cookware, grilling utensils and pillows. Instead of standard seating, why not have long storage benches to hide all the necessary items while providing comfortable seating for your family and friends? Use slender storage benches as seats for picnic tables. Storage benches are also useful for storing pool toys and accessories after the fun is over. If you garden, these benches are an excellent place to store extra pots and small tools.

Add Double-duty Home Decor in Small Spaces

Living in a small space requires creative storage solutions. Storage benches do double-duty as furnishings and places to stash your stuff. Instead of a tiny dining table and chairs, consider storage benches as seating around a small rectangular picnic table. Need a coffee table? Use a storage bench instead. In the kitchen, a small wooden storage bench creates space to stockpile dry goods or a dark place to store root vegetables. Raise your bed and put rolling storage benches under it that you can bring out when you need extra seating.

Tidy Up Toys

What is a toy box but a storage bench for toys? A long toy box along a wall also provides a place for kids to sit and read or watch TV. Add a small table and the toy box also becomes a seat for a desk to do homework. Push several flat-top storage benches together and add a memory foam topper to create an extra bed for sleepovers. When the kids get older, DIY their old toy box into something more mature that they can carry into their own homes one day.

Create a Front Porch Drop Off Box for Packages

To keep packages from sitting on your front porch exposed to possible thieves, use a storage bench for your delivery person to hide delivered packages. Package thieves don't like to take any more time than necessary, so they skip houses where packages are not out in plain sight. Paint the bench the same color as your house to make it less visible. The bench can also be used as additional front porch seating or to store front porch chair cushions.

Don't Forget Fido and Fluffy

Storage benches aren't just for people. They provide a perfect place to hide away large bags of pet food and pet toys. The top can be fashioned into a bed where your fur babies can get up off the floor on cold winter nights instead of crowding you out of your bed. Add scratching posts on the sides to keep your other furniture safe from the kitties. For a DIY project, old cabinets are perfect for making into a fur baby storage bench and bed.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Look around for houses being remodeled and grab some of the old top or bottom kitchen cabinets. With some basic woodworking skills, salvaged wood and paint, these can be easily turned into storage benches. Pallets are another source of free wood that is sturdy and requires very little time and effort to turn into rustic storage benches for indoor or outdoor use. Upholster the top of an old coffee table and add storage cubes or crates underneath for a seating bench with added storage. For storage benches with back support, use old chairs screwed together or old headboards. An old dresser with the top drawers cut off creates a cool storage bench with two large drawers. Paint your creations with bright colors to add interest to any home decor.

Express Your Personality

Have a passion for interior design? Even a plain wooden storage bench can be customized with paint and fabric. Display your boho flair with bright colors and quirky upholstery. Paint your benches white for a cottage look or soft, soothing natural colors for a more sophisticated look. Decoupage your child's favorite cartoon characters onto toy boxes. Use decals and stencils to create a farmhouse look, or add a gingham skirt for a country look. Use recycled or rough sawn wood for a more rustic appeal. Flat black paint and sleek metal accents give you an industrial look. The possibilities to personalize your benches are endless.

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