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Glass Furniture Buying Guide

Why go glass? Easy: it’s light, airy and can even open up the look and feel of a space. It is modern yet timeless, requires low maintenance and is durable. Last but not least: of all the furniture types, it’s the easiest to clean!

Glass Goes with Everything…

…because it’s colorless! Is your sofa brown? Red? Blue? Green? White? Black? Grey? All of the above? A glass table (or cabinet, or virtually any other furniture piece) will go with it.

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Glass Furniture Is Eco-Friendly

Two reasons: one, glass is 100% recyclable (!) and two, since glass is composed of heated sand, there’s no having to worry or wonder about the sourcing materials from animals or forests that went into the manufacturing process. (Side note: glass is also all-natural, so ‘harmful toxins’ is another thing you don’t have to worry about!)

Pros and Cons!

One of the benefits of glass furniture is that it is easy to maintain. Unlike fabric and fibrous wood, it doesn’t harbor dust or allergens easily. Even spills are hassle-free, as the smooth, dense surface won’t absorb dyes or moisture. (Of course, this is all dependent on the type of glass you’re working with; note that here, we refer to smooth glass that’s unfrosted and uncoated.)
Note, too, that if you’re not careful, there can be a con of owning glass furniture – and ironically, it has to do with keeping the piece too clean. Clear glass, by itself, is clear, as in, see-through, transparent, pellucid. Polish it all up nice so that it’s free of dust, and it can be so clean that you forget it’s there! To prevent ‘bumping into’s and ‘knocking on’s and ‘tripping over’s, choose a design that’s not made entirely out of glass – a wood frame with a glass tabletop, for instance – especially if you plan to place the piece in a high-traffic area.

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