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The Jute Pouf (Here’s Why You Need One)

It’s like a ball of sunshine!

The Jute Pouf

Examine a jute pouf up close and personal, and you’ll see the results of meticulous time spent spinning, weaving, knitting together the naturally thick, lustrous fibers that make up the tropical jute plant. Defined by a woven pattern in which each individual tress is interlaced with the other to form a single work of skillful craftsmanship, the jute pouf is, without a doubt, at once elegantly complex and stunningly simple.

Pouf- Charcoal Jute

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Pouf-White Blue Jute Blend Braided

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Pouf-Orange Blue Jute Blend

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Pouf-Khaki Braided Jute

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Pouf-Denim Braided Jute Blend

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Pouf-Camel Jute Square

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Pouf-Khaki Jute Braided

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Why Jute Poufs?

Jute ottomans are like little pieces of sunshine, captured and saved for a rainy day. Even when their natural beige coloring is dyed or stained over, the unique feel and texture of the island plant shines through – breathing fresh air into any space they inhabit. The best part about them, though, isn’t how they look or even how they feel – it’s their quality. Braided jute poufs are strong. While they may look cozy and feel soft and cushiony, the essence of their fibers holds fountains of strength – giving them the means to withstand the pressures of age (and last for years to come). Jute is, after all, a rock star of tropical life; it thrives on low amounts of fertilizer and reaches maturation in just a few months, while producing some of the largest amounts of cellulose in the world.

A Jute Pouf In the Right Direction

The reasons why jute pouf ottomans are of killer quality (mentioned above) are also the reasons why they’re a great option for environmental sustainability. When it comes to growing their namesake plant, it’s all very low maintenance, both in terms of work and fertilization resources. (A major plus is that it requires no pesticides – making it both pretty and free of toxic chemicals!)

Featured Products

Pouf-Jute Chevron Green

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Pouf- Grey Jute

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

Pouf-Silver Jute Cotton Blend

Get it Aug 03 - Aug 07

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