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What Is Rattan? + Why Is Rattan Furniture Trending?

Seriously, we’re giving them a rattan out of ten!

1. The Rattan Table

Not fully on board the rattan trend wagon yet? Start small. An end table here, a basket there – incorporate little by little, and in no time at all, you will see just how seamlessly natural rattan creates gorgeous home decor!

2. The Rattan Basket

The natural color of rattan creates a charming rusticity. Flat lay stylin’ just got a whole lot easier!

3. The Rattan Chair

For chairs and other furniture pieces, you can’t go wrong with rattan. It is durable, sturdy – and yet still ‘gives’ enough to create comfy seating. Plus, you can’t forget about the vibe: it’s minimalism, with an attitude!

4. The Rattan Table Lamp

Something rattan in the state of Denmark? No…but a black rattan lantern or table lamp has all the Danish hygge feels written all over it!

What Is Rattan, Anyway?

Native to the Manila island shipping port (and other tropical climates), rattan is a type of palm plant that is similar in texture to light wood. Although traditionally used in coastal-style homes, rattan’s natural beige color and smooth finish packs a ton of styling potential. Like seagrass, jute and other wicker material types, rattan is light in feel and easy to move – making it a popular choice for home decor.

What Is the Difference Between Wicker and Rattan?

You read that right – they’re actually not the same thing (it’s a common misconception), but differentiating between the two is as straightforward as it gets: rattan is the material type, and wicker is the weaving technique. In other words, a rattan basket is woven in a wicker pattern!

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