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The Humble Power of Greige

Greige, the most soft-spoken of colors, is taking over the world of design – proving that you don’t need to make a fuss to make a statement.

Defining greige

The color greige is a combination of grey and beige, and has skyrocketed in popularity in home furnishings over the last few years. (On a more technical level, greige is denoted as any textile or fabric that is unbleached or undyed, though this is rarely what people mean when they refer to ‘greige decor.’)

Layer greige with other neutrals

Because greige is so neutral, it can be easy to incorporate greige and ‘call it a day.’ But layering other neutrals over greige can magnify greige’s calming effects – in a good way. While greige can serve as a clean backdrop for pops of accent color, using it instead to highlight neutrals like white or olive will call attention to greige’s subtle undertones.

Choose a greige color based on its undertones

Greige is a mixture of beige and grey – but does that mean it’s heavy on the beige, light on the grey, or vice versa? And how light/dark is the grey, and beige, within greige to begin with? The answer depends on whom you talk to, because the term ‘greige’ encompasses a variety of color ‘meanings.’

To make sure you’re getting the right ‘greige’ for your home, don’t forget to examine the color under different forms of lighting. Natural daylight, fluorescent lighting, and LED lightbulbs can each have a different effect on how greige is perceived. When done right, greige imbues tranquility; taking the extra precautions to ensure you’re bringing home the greige that will work best in your home’s lighting can make all the difference!

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