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The Morning Bar Is the New Morning Routine

Coffee, meet cozy. Learn about the morning bar — a trend coming in as strong as your blackest espresso.
What Is a Morning Bar?
A morning bar is a small area in your master bedroom where you can prepare coffee, tea, or breakfast items. It typically includes a small sink, a coffee maker or kettle, and some storage space for mugs, plates, and cutlery. Morning bars can also include a mini fridge, a toaster, a microwave, or a blender, depending on your preferences. The idea is to create a cozy, functional space where you can have a quiet moment before starting your day.

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Designer Tip:

“Your morning bar may provide all the hotel feels, but the soul of it should be about more than snacks. This should be a place where you can wake up and find some quiet time, in a calming, bright space. The caffeine boost from a cup of joe or tea, from a serve-it-yourself, cafe-like tray or cabinet, is an easy way to get us all out of bed in the mornings. Use your drink of choice to get stretching, breathe deeply and hit pause on screen time.”

Pamela Oleson, Interior Designer

Wake Up and Smell the Cozy
The first step is to choose the right location for your morning bar. It should be a spot that's easily accessible, but also out of the way so that it doesn't take up too much space. You can also add some shelving or cabinets to store your coffee and breakfast supplies. Finally, you can decorate your morning bar with some cozy elements, such as a rug, some cushions, or some wall art.

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Toast to the Morning
Once you have your morning bar set up, make sure to use it regularly and enjoy its benefits. You can experiment with different coffee blends or breakfast recipes to make your mornings more interesting. Most importantly, take some time to relax and enjoy your quiet moment before you start your busy day.

What Is a Morning Bar in a House?

A morning bar in a house is an area for preparing coffee, quick breakfasts and smoothies. It can be found anywhere you start your day, which is popularly in the corner of a bedroom or kitchen. While practical for drinks and snacks, the morning bar has become increasingly about mental wellness and quietly preparing for the day.

What Is a Morning Kitchen?

A morning kitchen is a small kitchen bar area where you can prepare or grab quick things to go on your way to work. It's not located in the kitchen, but rather in a non-kitchen space, thus distinguishing itself as a morning area. It's popular to find a bar cart, seating area with table or an island in a bedroom corner devoted to the morning kitchen!

What Is a Bar in the Kitchen?

A bar in the kitchen is where you can chill before food is served. It's also multifuncitonal: even when your by yourself, use this space to enjoy a quick morning coffee, grab-n-go oatmeal or to plan the day with daily calendar. In the kitchen itself, this bar coutnertop area is different from a morning bar, which is often in bedrooms.

A morning bar is a unique and practical addition to your master bedroom that can enhance your morning routine and your home's value. By creating a cozy and functional space where you can prepare your coffee and breakfast, you can save time, energy, and enjoy some peace and quiet before you start your day. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a breakfast lover, a morning bar can be a delightful addition to your home.
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