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21 Family Room Design Ideas That Are Beautiful & Cozy

Get inspired to design a family room kids, adults – and yes, even the teenagers – will love!

2. Blue Rush

Kick up the energy dose!

3. Calm & Collected

Style? Always calm & collected. The kids? Perhaps not so much.

4. A Coffee Table . . . For Family Game Night

Feeling competitive?

5. Hideout

A love letter to leather.

6. Modern Family


7. Personal Space

Extra seating for when you want to be with your family – but not that close!

8. Gather Round…

9. Orderly Comfort

Stop and smell the rose-colored accents.

10. #NoFilter

For the fam (not the ‘gram).

11. Family Matters

Especially when everyone’s comfortable.

12. Blue Bloods

All that’s missing is a family insignia.

13. Small Space, Big Heart

A bright and airy space.

14. Coloring Book

Grown-up furniture in kid-approved colors.

15. Round ‘Em Up

Resort-worthy vibes that will make even the teenagers want to hang.

16. Life Lessons

The perfect teaching moment: When life throws you accent stools, make a coffee table!

17. In the Genes

These sofas and chairs must be blood-related.

18. Family Meeting

Now in session.

19. Too Cool for School

This ain’t your grandma’s furniture.

20. No More ‘MCS’

Thanks to the inclusiveness of proper seating, Middle Child Syndrome is cured.

21. Family Values

Love, respect and style.

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