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5 Outdoor Bachelorette Party Ideas

When the excitement is so that you just can’t contain it, you’re going to need to take it outside. (And when it comes to pre-wedding activities, we know the excitement levels can really start to soar!) Here are five outdoor bachelorette party ideas that make the most of friendships, celebration and good weather.

1. Lovely Lounging

Create a space to lounge, where you and your best girlfriends can relax and soak up the sunshine. Make the seating comfortable and the setting resort-worthy; curate a corner of the backyard with matching seats and sofas, coffee tables, side tables, cushions and throw pillows. Add a little bit of luxe to the setting with stylish vases, planters, plates, towels and trays, and keep the style cool with an extension umbrella. Make the colors, textures and patterns pop for the fun, festive occasion. Here is where you can also set up icebreaker games for the party as guests arrive.

2. Airy Aperitifs

A backyard bar cart is a backyard bachelorette party must-have; stock up on drinks and fill an outdoor cart with the selection. Place within easy reach a pitcher ready-made with a party classic, and cups, napkins and additions in the storage below. If it’s a day party, fill the bar cart with summery beverage essentials like strawberry, lemon, lime and citrus slices, cocktail umbrellas and ice coolers. If it’s at night, get creative with colder-weather and nighttime themes, such as a s’mores-, sundae-, popcorn- or hot chocolate-making station.
outdoor bachelorette parties ideas

3. Savory Starters

Before the lunch, brunch or dinner, keep your guests’ energy levels up with savory starters – small tastes of what’s to come at the main meal. A chacuterie board with a spread of veggies, crackers, dip and cheeses makes the perfect outlet for this purpose! A good size board is about nine by thirteen inches, with about six ounces of food per guest.
outdoor bachelorette parties idea

4. Bridal Beverages

Liquid refreshment is a party must-have; with all the talking, laughing, and entertaining, guests are bound to need continuous rehydration as the party wears on. This is especially true for outdoor gatherings, where hours in the the sun and elements can take their toll. Have self-service drinks available on bars, side tables, coffee tables and dining tables, and heighten the festive feel with bold colors (like the pink lemonade drink pictured here)!

5. Bachelorette Brunch

A ‘main event’ meal, whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, will help to structure the party and keep guests happy. And to make the ‘main event’ a true event, create a dining setting designed just for it. An outdoor dining set with comfortable seats and enough space for everyone will ensure the meal is more than a meal – a time for bonding and making bachelorette party memories to last a lifetime.

Backyard Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Outdoor Bachelorette Party Ideas

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