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Palm Springs Style: Staycation Starts Now

When summer is in full swing (or, at least, the weather feels like it), then so is our Palm Springs style. Join our desert staycation as we celebrate all things mid-century modern!

History of Palm Springs Style

In this desert-style home, tapered legs rule.

Cactus decor gives any style a sharp edge (pun intended)! 
In 1884, the unheard-of desert land located a hundred miles from the bustling California coast – and treasured by first explorers for its steady sunshine and natural mineral hot springs – saw the building of its first aqueduct. As a result, the greater Coachella Valley saw an increase in visitors and residents. Then, in 1886, Palm Springs got its first hotel.

The California getaway was thriving – and soon caught the attention of Hollywood celebs, who were drawn to its peaceful scenery, laidback aura and out-of-the-way location. Members of the Rat Pack, Marilyn Monroe and Bob Hope were among its frequenters.

Bringing with them influence and style, the ‘who’s-who’ of A-list celebs helped to ‘open the door’ of the tourism market – ushering in upward trends in housing, hotels and recreation.

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Most iconic architecture of Palm Springs reflected a need to ‘keep cool’ – houses were often one-story and roofing low. Simplicity reigned supreme in architecture, influencing the interior styles. 

All of this aesthetic came to be known as Desert Modernism; within the Modern family, close cousin to Mid-Century. (So close, in fact, it is even acceptable to use the two interchangeably.) 
In a space that pays tribute to all things bright and airy, black dining chairs ground in true desert fashion.

Pastel blue, bright white, yellow and green: all signs point to desert oasis.

Marked by tapered legs, flared backs, low profiles and sleek, retro silhouettes, the mid-century modern of Palm Springs is an aesthetic rock star. We dare you to find a style more iconic!

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