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What Color Is Best for a Bedroom? (+ The Best Bedroom Paint Colors)

Bedroom colors should be calming and sleep-inducive, but they should also reflect your personality. Here are six of the most popular colors for bedrooms, favorited by clients and designers alike.

1. Lavender

Lavender is as calming and soothing as, well, lavender flowers. Soft and sweet, it’s the perfect accent for bedrooms – or anywhere else where peace and comfort are the goal.

2. Earthy Neutrals

The best bedroom paint colors are neutral and the best neutral bedroom colors are earthy. Mimic nature for a bedroom that feels like a cozy woodland retreat.

3. Cream

An off-white palette gives off a charm as soft and delicate as springtime clouds. (And in our opinion, it's also the best color for bedroom walls!)

4. Mustard Yellow

Maybe your personality errs on the side of playfulness – and you want to showcase it without making your room feel too “loud.” If that’s the case, go for mustard – which softens down the energy of pure, bright yellow to a more sophisticated level.

5. Blush

A blush pink bedroom is a world of feminine fancy – perfect for the little girl with a penchant for all things pretty.

6. Black

Create mood by going darker – as in, a black statement wall. Deep, dramatic and extremely cool, it’s an acquired taste for some, but those who get it, just get it. (Along the same lines, the best gray color for a bedroom is dark charcoal – darker, moodier and as close to black as possible.)

Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep

Can’t get enough? Here are some “honorable mentions”:

  • Violet: Violet in the bedroom brings all the associations of lavender – to a moodier degree.
  • Ivory: As calming as counting sheep, if for no other reason than it's the same color as sheep!
  • Forest green: The flowy, ethereal nature also makes it the best curtain color for a bedroom.
  • Dark blue: Like the midnight sky (although, you'd never know, since you'll be fast asleep by then!).
  • Auburn: Sort of bricklike in color, a reddish undertone like auburn can give unique flair.
  • Magenta: Another red-toned hue, magenta pops. Just err on the side of caution; magenta in the form of one or two throw pillows is all you need for a good energy balance. (Any more than that, and magenta can start to feel too much, real fast.)
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