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Whether or not you identify as a materialist living in a material world, nothing’s more fun than getting accustomed to the finer things. Leave the outside world behind and step into a place of sophistication, richness and wonder: fantasize with us as we dive into these luxury living room ideas!
1. Cuts of Marble
It’s the stone that tells stories from its winding grains, whirling colors and immense weight. Marble is not child’s play: it’s reserved for the most luxurious of luxury lifestyles, and nowhere is it more at home than in a well-placed side table, decorated with a just-as-luxurious crystal lamp, stone bowl or gold accent. Use marble – that material so revered by the ancient Greeks for its sanctity that it was chosen as the sole material for the most lavish temple in the land, the Parthenon – for a touch of luxe in your personal living quarters.
2. From the Heavens
Luxury is all about height – for the heavens, you see, are skyward! Draw the eye toward the same kind of angelic energy invoked by the Sistine Chapel with hanging ceiling lights, a.k.a. chandeliers. Material choice is just as imperative here: chandeliers made with crystal fixtures will reflect light for a shinier, glammy look, while muted colors like bronze will carry a bit more attitude.
luxury living room furniture
3. Lightness of Being
Luxury is a life well lived. You can take the statement further by tying in health and well-being. Studies show that letting in the morning light as much as possible can boost mood and balance your mental and physical states – can anyone, from any time and place, think of anything more luxurious? Let in all the natural light you can into a luxury living room; if luxury is your ideal, remember that the health of your energy and mood is the greatest wealth.
4. Pedal to the Metal
Driving down the road to luxury, you’ll want to accelerate with metallic touches. Silver vases, gold legs, bronze chandeliers – these are just a few ideas for crafting a living room worthy of royalty. If actual precious metals are out of your price range, remember that, much to the chagrin of exclusionists, luxury can be faked: none will be the wiser when you go for a gold-colored tin vase.
luxury glam living room
5. A Field Trip for the Senses
The luxurious living room has it right in the name: living. Unlike flipping through pages of a magazine, made of paper and one-dimensional, being in a room should cater to your sense of smell, touch, hearing and, if you can somehow manage to sneak it in, taste. After sight, touch is easiest; velvet upholstery, shag rugs and feathery faux vase fillers caress the consciousness.

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