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6 Ways to Celebrate Quarantine Birthdays

Quarantine has changed everything, especially how we commemorate major milestones and celebrate special occasions like birthdays. But instead of dwelling on all of the things we can’t do right now, we’re determined to make lemon martinis out of lemons by sharing exciting adult birthday ideas. Get ready to make your space the place to be as we walk you through what to do on your birthday.

1. Make a Special Meal

When it comes to party ideas for adults, one of the best things you can do when you’re stuck at home is put together a festive birthday feast. The key is distinguishing it from your everyday fare with food that’s elevated and maybe even a little exotic. All you have to do is search for recipe inspiration on Pinterest, Instragram, even Facebook, and you’ll be able to cook up a bevvy of birthday goodness.

2. Let the (Board) Games Begin

Perhaps one of the most fun birthday ideas involves a little friendly competition, because once the board games come out, all bets are off. You can break out the classics - which everyone is sure to love - as well as introduce new favorites that will keep you all entertained and on your toes. Just set up shop in the living room, and prepare for battle.

3. Have Outdoor Happy Hour

No list of birthday party ideas at home would be complete without a shout out to the outdoors. Your backyard may be your only escape right now, and with just a little creativity, you can transform it into a happy hour hotspot. All you need to enjoy cocktails al fresco is a bar and stools that help get everyone in the party spirit.

4. Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Our new reality may be a physically distant one, but the beauty of technology is that we can see our friends and family whenever we want to. Invite your loved ones to a Zoom birthday party and have everyone do a fun interactive activity, like trivia. You can even plan ahead and have treats delivered to your party guests to share a sweet moment together.

5. Spend All Day in Bed

One of the benefits of a social distancing birthday is having the option to be lazy and spend all day in bed. If you’re a homebody, you may love the prospect of doing nothing but watching TV, reading good books and magazines and delighting in the comfort of your private, personal retreat with absolutely no guilt.

6. Bake Yourself Happy

Home party ideas that sound great even when you’re not quarantining include baking. After all, what better time to indulge in a little flour, sugar and butter than a birthday? No celebration is complete without sweets, so go ahead and concoct your own confections, then decorate them in an over-the-top fashion with frosting, sprinkles, buttercream, fondant, the works. Finally, it’ll be time to savor and devour!

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