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Summer Planter Ideas + Tips

When the sun’s out and vacation’s in the air, the only thing that can make life better is a fresh garden of your favorite plants and flowers. Here are the best summer planter ideas to help make those long, carefree days even more relaxing.

The Best Summer Planter Ideas

In this list, you’ll find inspiration images for planter décor in the dog days of summer; these are especially perfect for right around the time of solstice – when the hours aren’t so rushed and time seems to move a little slower, like a winding creek finding its pace amidst lush trees and lingering sunshine. Decorate with summer planters for outdoor breakfasts, brunches, lunches and dinners. (Planters with live plants and flowers also make the best company for morning coffee.) Decorate with summer planters for evening socials ‘round the fire pit or movie projector, so that you have a stylish surrounding view, as you enjoy roasted marshmallows, popcorn or other evening treat. Decorate with summer planters however you wish . . . just make sure that when you do decorate, it’s with summer planters!

1. Natural Dining

Create an outdoor dining scene that will make the neighbors want to gaze over the fence in awe. To start, collect planters, pots and other containers; choose materials, shapes and colors that pop: the brighter and bolder, the more summery the feel. Place in them fresh plants (and soil, if the plants have roots!) and arrange near an outdoor dining scene for a stay-at-home Sunday-brunch aesthetic.

2. Mix of Textures

See how this ceramic planter catches your eye? That’s by design, and specifically, by design of mixing a metal table surface with a bright ceramic planter. Imagine the converse: metal planter with metal table or ceramic planter with ceramic table – the flow would look matchy-matchy, and even worse, both pieces would get lost.

3. Poolside Colors

They’re called planters – but that doesn’t mean they’re only designed for green plants. Recycle a planter pot from a plant that’s now withered and seen it’s day, and recharge the soil to nurture a new plant type; for summer, preferably something with lush color, like pink, yellow or blue blooms.

4. Garden Planters

A garden full of lush grass and plants of all sorts fills the summer air with freshness and fragrance. If you already have one, it might seem redundant to incorporate planters; if you already have a garden, don’t dismiss the idea of planter arrangements, too! A garden gives you all the more bang for your buck when interspersed with a few ceramic styles here and there.

5. Ledge Decor

A ledge is the perfect place for outdoor planters. If you’ve got one, arrange a small collection of pots and planters to fill up the space and bring summery décor in summer, spring, fall and winter.

6. Interiors

Summer may make you want to soak up the sun in the day and starry skies at night, but don’t forget about the inside of your house when it comes to planter décor! Freshen up a living room coffee table or dining table with a small planter centerpiece, a hallway with a plant stand, and a bedroom with a nightstand or dresser planter piece.

7. Tile Pieces

Tile is in for 2021, and planters are the perfect place to bring it in. Tiled planters and pots with light checks make the perfect backdrop for a backyard movie night or fire pit hangout.

8. Color Tiles

Tiles are geometric and clean-looking, bold colors are their lifeblood. Make your planter color choices as fresh and energizing as the flowers and plants within them.

9. Succulents, Succulents, Succulents

They’re the easiest of all to care for – if you forget to water, they won’t bite or even hold a grudge; succulents are loyal, have tremendous capacity for storing water and living without it for long periods of time, and provide, by their very existence, the chicest form of on-trend décor.

10. Potted Trees

Go big with plants – as in, go with trees. Trees are regal, even in pots, easy to take care of and add that much more detoxifying energy into the air.

Why Decorate with Planters in the Summertime?

Summer outdoors, after all, is as close to perfection as it gets: you’ve got the bluest of blue skies, the puffiest of white puffy cotton candy clouds, the greenest of grass lawns and the most melodious of birds. So, why should you even decorate with planters, when they’re not even missed in the first place? Answer: you really don’t have to (yeah, we know that sounds counterintuitive for an article devoted to planters, but hear us out). Planters are an added touch – they bring out the space around them; place a green planter on a lawn or next to a bush, and the leaves suddenly look livelier than they did before. Place a ceramic planter amidst a flurry of English-garden style bushels and foliage, and the greenery suddenly has a focal point, something to ground it and pull it all together. The point is, summer planters aren’t required in and of themselves to make your backyard beautiful, but they are one of the best ways to enhance the natural beauty of an outdoor space.

Other Ideas

For an extra-summery feel, go with glass (or a less fragile see-through material) jars. These make it easy to celebrate the breeziness of sunny-weather vibes. Clear containers also work great if you’re not using soil; rocks, pebbles, even a bunch of mini fake apples as a base for an outdoor plant adds instant summertime style. Decorate with clear containers on patio tables, benches, side tables, window ledges, stoops, porches and along garden paths. Whether clear or opaque, planters look great hanging, as well – try a ladder or vertical stand to prop up your collection along a wall or lattice.

Summer is also the perfect excuse to try your hand at summer vegetables; with planters acting as a buffer between insects and other pests (like raccoons, rabbits and groundhogs) that could potentially ruin your garden, you’ll find that the growing is easy. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and squash are just a few types of produce that thrive in the hotter months.

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