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9 Narrow Hallway Ideas to Freshen Up Tight Spaces

Do you need inspiration on how to make your narrow hallway both functional and beautiful? Look no further!

It can be a challenge to find the right look and the correct pieces that open up a small space. A narrow entrance or hallway can quickly become crowded if you aren't careful. Browse these excellent ideas to spark your creativity. Don't leave your hall empty and void of character. Instead, add style and color while getting the most use out of that small space.

1. Tables with Shelves

Tables are always wonderful pieces to include in any space. This is true even when that space happens to be narrow. If you are going to include a table in your hallway, maximize the benefit by choosing one with shelves to get the most use out of your space. A carefully selected console table with shelves gives you a place to deposit keys and personal items, store necessities, and display photographs and knickknacks.

When you are choosing your table, keep in mind the space that it will occupy. Look for one that is in the right proportions and won't block your hallway or cause passerby to bump into it.

You can either place your table right against the wall to conserve space, or arrange it at an angle if you have a corner available. This placement can create the illusion of more depth.

2. Bench Seating

A bench seat is a fantastic addition to a hallway entrance. Benches are available in a wide variety of stylish designs and finishes that can match any decorating theme and aesthetic. They provide a place for your family and guests to sit down and remove their shoes, while adding an attractive element to the space. Placing a bench in an entryway or near a door is a great way to welcome and invite others into your home.

Get double the impact by opting for a storage bench that can hold your hats, gloves, and other items. Many benches are designed so that you can open the seat and store things underneath. Or, you can place baskets or other storage units beneath an open bench. Tucking your belongings away in an easily accessible place keeps the clutter and mess to a minimum while still giving you quick access to any accessory that you need.

3. Extra Storage Space

When your available space is at a premium, you need to find creative options to get the most storage room that you are able. Keeping the space neat and tidy will go a long way toward making the area appear wider and more spacious. Too much clutter can be claustrophobic, and may even cause someone to trip or injure themselves.

Whenever possible, aim for multi-functional storage options. This way you can take care of more than one need within a smaller area. For example, a narrow hallway is an excellent place to stack some vertical storage units. You can purchase a few stackable shoe racks and install coat hooks above them. Other types of storage units that combine shelving with drawers and hidden cubbies allow you to tuck away the clutter and eliminate the need to have all of your personal items on display.

4. Table Top Décor

The mementos that you display on a table top show some insight into your personality and can brighten the room. When space is limited, put some extra thought into the photographs and items that you select. Choose what holds the most meaning for you.

Other ways to go with your tabletop décor are fun and quirky or stylish and sophisticated. You can select a few streamlined and monochromatic pieces, dot a few plants around, or display some of your prized possessions. Do you love to travel? A favorite photo of your trip combined with a few souvenirs makes an interesting visual and can spark conversations when visitors come by. The options for your décor are nearly endless, with the only limit being your imagination.

5. Shelves

Shelving units are some of your best friends when you are dealing with a narrow hallway. Floor models that extend up the wall are sturdy and provide the most room for your belongings. Try combining a few of varying heights to add variety and break up the space.

You can also hang a few floating shelves at a higher height on the wall. These are excellent places for your plants and photographs. Use the wall space underneath the shelves for hooks to hang your coats on. Finding ways to optimize your available space in this way ensures that you can fit everything into the area without it appearing to be overcrowded and cramped.

6. Glass Furniture

If you are looking for a piece of furniture for your narrow hallway, consider selecting a glass piece. The transparency of glass makes the piece appear airy and won't close up the space. Glass is simple, elegant, and sleek. It adds sophistication, clean lines, and makes a statement. Avoid cluttering the glass furniture with too many decorations that can make it look busy and overdone. A tiered piece is the most useful as it has multiple levels of usable space.

7. Keep it Simple

Simplicity is best when you are working with a small or challenging space. Don't overdo it or try to force too much into the area. Select the items that pack the most punch in terms of function and style.

There are some easy and classic ways that you can decorate a narrow hallway without overcrowding it. Try a gorgeous rug that acts as a focal point to draw attention and tie together all the parts of the space.

A large painting is another great choice.
Opting for one big statement piece is a better choice than many small paintings that can overwhelm a small area. Choose a painting that is wider than it is tall to pull the focus down the wall and make the space seem wider.

8. Mirrors

One of the best accent pieces for a narrow hallway is a mirror. Mirrors reflect light, whether it is natural or artificial, which will instantly make the hallway look like it is wider and larger than it really is. Get bonus points if you can hang the mirror opposite a window to reflect the outdoors.

There is a huge selection of styles when it comes to mirrors. Go with something simple or choose a more elaborate design. Find something that is a good size to make the biggest impact and give your hallway a spacious feel.

Mirrors are also a functional piece to include in your hallway or entrance to your home. A well-placed mirror allows you to quickly glance at your reflection and do any last minute touch-ups before heading out the door.

9. Baskets

If you are looking for a quick, simple, and versatile storage option for your narrow hallway, then you can't go wrong with baskets. Wicker, fabric, or grass, baskets make gorgeous display items that offer convenient and customizable storage.

Place baskets on top of a shoe rack or a table to collect small personal items from coat pockets and backpacks. Use larger baskets to hold umbrellas that are ready to grab when it's raining. You can even designate a basket to each child or family member to act as a catch-all for gloves, toys, and stray items.

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes, so you can set them on shelves and tabletops or place them on the floor. There are baskets available to match any decorating taste, and that can hold anything you could think of.

Which of these ideas have piqued your interest? Use these as a jumping-off point and add your own twist to style a warm and welcoming space. With some thoughtful planning and carefully selected pieces, a narrow hallway will no longer be the impossible obstacle you originally thought.

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