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8 Space-Saving Furniture Pieces That Instantly Make Small Homes Look Bigger

8 space-saving furniture designs that work like magic to make a small home feel bigger.

1. Modular Sofa

What It Is: A sofa that can be pulled apart into smaller, individual seats.
A modular sofa is any sofa that can be rearranged. The pieces can be separated and placed in different parts of a room – or kept together to form a sectional. These designs are the perfect rescue for small homes, because they let you place the pieces exactly where and how they’ll fit in your space. Style a modular sofa or sectional for all the seating you need while keeping a spacious feel in your home.

2. Floating Shelf

What It Is: A shelf that floats on the wall – taking up zero floor space.
Floating wall shelves are for anyone who’s ever wanted a bookcase but simply couldn’t afford to give up the floor space. These designs tack on right against the wall – floating – and are secure enough to hold items like mail, books and purses. They also come in small sizes for small items, helping keep your home free of clutter (and appear fresher, cleaner and bigger). Use in the bedroom, mudroom, living room, kitchen or wherever there’s a wall.

3. Storage Bed

What It Is: A bed with drawers underneath.
Once you bring a storage bed home, life becomes a million times easier, and a bedroom feels a million times bigger. This is because storage beds take out the need for extra storage furniture. Accent chests, nightstands, storage boxes, even dressers – none of those are needed anymore (meaning you can get rid of all of them), clearing up more space for you to roam. Use a storage bed for storing clothes, books, throw pillows, shoes, blankets and/or bedding.

4. Storage Ottoman

What It Is: An ottoman with a lift-top for storage.
Storage ottomans are hollow inside and lift from the top for storage. Use it for a coffee table, and suddenly you have a storage coffee table – that can double as seating, too. Use it for a seat, and suddenly you have a storage seat – that can double as a coffee table, too. For anyone living in a small house or apartment, this multifunctional, storage design makes arranging furniture easier than ever. (It’s also soft, so you won’t have to fret about stubbing your toe against a hard surface, ever again!)

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5. Collapsible Table

What It Is: A table that collapses into a smaller size.
Collapsible dining tables start out big but can collapse into a smaller version based on how many people you need to seat. The most common way one collapses is via an extension leaf, which can be taken out to create a smaller-sized dining table. For anyone in need of more kitchen space, this is good news, as smaller furniture means a bigger room feel.

6. Futon

What It Is: A sofa that turns into a bed.
Remember the days when futons meant those ugly sofas found in every college student’s apartment living room? Those days are long gone. Nowadays, futons look exactly like every other sofa – the only difference is that they turn into beds! If you want to clear up more space in a studio apartment and make it feel bigger, you need a futon (like, yesterday). Commonly, futons feature a pull-out mattress or a modular-style of sofa that can be turned into a flat surface. Also makes a great piece for small guest bedrooms and spare rooms.

7. Storage Bench

What It Is: A bench with storage inside.
Any time a piece of furniture can double as a storage piece, you get more room to walk around, since more stuff gets put inside the furniture (as opposed to on the floor). The perfect example? Storage benches. These designs are also multifunctional – use them as a seat or end table (and, of course, storage). Perfect for placing in small bedrooms, small dining rooms and small living rooms.

8. Bar Stool

What It Is: A thin, high chair, often with no arms.
When you can, get bar stools instead of dining chairs. Bar stools are sleek, thin, high and come without arms, so they take up less space than regular chairs. Of course, you’ll also need a bar-height counter to pair them with, but this is a good thing, since bar-height tables are also sleek and thin and take up less space than a regular dining table. Features of bar stools include backless designs, swivel bases, upholstered seats, adjustable heights and slatted bases for footrests.

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Space-Saving Furniture Designs

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