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Long Hallway Décor Ideas That Brighten the Mood

These long hallway décor ideas look straight out of model homes – try them on for size and see your space lighten + brighten.

1. Hallway Tabletop Plants

Houseplants aren’t just for rooms – they’re also for the spaces between rooms. Use them on a hallway table to add instant life to windowless spaces. The added greenery will make passing from bedroom to bathroom (or vice versa) almost as energized, fun and refreshed as a walk in the park.
(Pictured above: A hallway tabletop plant brings instant sunshine to a dark and long hallway.)

2. Table Lamps

Brightening up is as simple as plugging in. Even during the day, a windowless hallway can be as dark as any other room during the night – so keep the vibe bright – and visible – with a table lamp.
(Pictured above: Plug in a table lamp for a glow that lasts all day and night.)

3. Mirrors

Glass reflects light – even in long, dark hallways that don’t have any natural light. Light pollution can seep in from other rooms of the house; if the hallway is upstairs and a chandelier from downstairs is turned on, even the subtlest residual wavelengths can be reflected off a wall mirror.
(Pictured above: These babies will reflect light – even if it seems there’s no light to reflect!)

4. Glass Tables

Speaking of glass – it’s not just for walls. Glass tables create a see-through vibe that makes any space feel instantly more open, a coup de grace for that dark, stuffy vibe your windowless hallway may be emitting.
(Pictured above: Glass makes the passageways feel airier; use glass to your advantage in a stuffy hallway space.)

5. Black and White

Black and white may seem like the contraindicative solution for a long and dark hallway devoid of natural light, but the simplistic color scheme can actually be worked to the advantage. A matte black vase display makes the wall behind it pop – while a geometric pouf and table create a style theme, with the monochromatic palette creating a refreshing contrast.
(Pictured above: Black and white play off each other to create contrast and style – making bright walls pop and feel even brighter.)

6. Natural Materials

Consider the natural state of things for a long and windowless hallway. Natural colors, textures and materials will add a little bit of sunshine – as anything taken from or inspired by nature is virtually pre-packaged sunshine. Rattan, wood, wicker and indoor plants – with neutral color palettes to match – make a dark hallway breezy and easy.
(Pictured above: Nature knows her stuff – bring it inside a long, dark hallway for an instant mood boost.)
long hallway decor ideas graphic
You can invest all your time and money in your dining room, bedrooms, living room, den, home office, entryway, guest room (any room of the house – you get the idea), but a single dark hallway can bring down the vibe. To lighten up the passageways between rooms, use a mixture of plants, mirrors and glass . . . and stick to a simple color scheme. Plug in a table lamp for some manufactured sunshine – and to summon the instant mood-boost!

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