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City Style: Create a Miami-Inspired Space

Miami style is iconic and can be summed up in two words: art deco. Check out these Miami-decorated spaces – and get inspired!

Miami Heat

Neon bikinis, aviator sunglasses, fruity cocktails, sun-kissed faces, roller skates and boardwalks.
Throw them all together on a sandy beach...
...and you get just a glimpse of Miami – and its iconic style.

Miami, after all, is a city that knows a thing or two about aesthetic.
It’s a city that seems not a city, but a painting – brought to life with magical neon brushstrokes.
In the Art Deco District – home to the world’s highest concentration of Art Deco buildings – one feels almost transported on a pastel journey to the ‘70s.

In South Beach, the skies blaze an eternal, brilliant blue, perhaps to hold their own against the ubiquitous green palm trees.
Even the beachgoers themselves seem to have stepped straight out of the pages of the hottest, trendiest stylebook on beach fashion.
Then, there’s Little Havana. A delightful whirlwind of vibrant colors, larger-than-life murals and Latin-inspired architecture.

In “Magic City,” the colors are as hot as the weather – which is to say, hot.
Miami: the land where even rainbows have a thing or two to learn about color, and “neutral” is almost considered a swear word.
But in the hub of style that is Miami, it’s easy to see how boldness isn’t just reserved for color.
One need look no further than his own dinner plate sizzling with the city’s legendary seafood – or to the bustling nightclubs in the heart of downtown!

All of This Is to Say…

“Miami, Miami, you’ve got style!”
- Dorothy Zbornak, Golden Girl extraordinaire and TV’s favorite Miamian
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