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Dining Room Wall Art Ideas that Will Make You Hungry for Style

These dining room wall art ideas are creative, chic – and will make you hungry for style. Now serving refreshing designs!

1. Sideboard Style

A gorgeous way to draw the eyes to the side.

Dining room sideboards come in some of the chicest designs, but because they are often placed against a wall – away from the “main” dining set – they also often get overlooked. Show your sideboard some love by pairing it with an attention-grabbing art piece!

36X48 Dandelion

Get it Aug 15 - Aug 19

47X36 Guilded Trees

Get it Aug 08 - Aug 12

Picture-Abstract Storm

Get it Aug 15 - Aug 19

Picture-Berry Birds

Get it Aug 15 - Aug 19

2. Off the Coast

Life’s a beach!

The coastal mentality celebrates lots (and lots) of neutrals. Give your dining room a breezy shade of beige to mimic sand, driftwood and palm trees. Add a splash of ocean blue wall art – to make any dining room feel like a beachside café!

47X36 Seagulls On The Coast

Get it Aug 08 - Aug 12

48X48 Calm Sea To Horizon

Get it Aug 15 - Aug 19

3. Blue and Brown

Cool, meet Warm!

Blue + brown is the new black + white – classic, refreshing and a current favorite among designers everywhere. Use it in a dining room to add earthy cool vibes, all around!

Picture-Blue Suede By Lisa 24X36

Get it Aug 15 - Aug 19

Oversized Utensil Wall Decor

Get it Aug 08 - Aug 12

26X38 Colorful Way Home I

Get it Aug 15 - Aug 19

48X36 Wine Cellar

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Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas


4. Mirror, Mirror

Who’s the most stylish of them all?

When it comes to dining room wall decor, decorative mirrors are timeless, elegant and even possess magic powers. (Mirrors, after all, reflect natural light – making even the smallest of spaces feel big, open and refreshed. What’s more magical that?)

5. Woven Materials

Weave it to the walls.

Wicker, jute and other woven dining room wall decor materials. It’s fine dining with a little flair!

The Heart of Dining Room Art

It’s where you, family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company (and, of course, your favorite meals!) – so why shouldn’t the dining room feel like the most inviting room of the house?

Incorporating warm colors, worn (distressed) textures and art that brings joy can have the power to transform a simple “room” into a comfort haven. But what we love most about art is that it doesn’t discriminate. Don’t need a big dining area or lavish decorations; all you need is a wall, nice and sturdy, to let your favorite designs shine – and breathe bold, chic life into your space.

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47X36 Seagulls On The Coast

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Dining Room Wall Art Ideas

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