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Gold Table Decoration Ideas

Gold table decoration ideas to make your style glimmer.

1. Mini Gold

Sometimes, the best décor comes in the smallest packages. This round coffee table is golden all over – but it gets an extra dash with a miniature golden vase. Other contenders for the aesthetic include miniature golden dishes, trays and decorative boxes. Perfect for: Glam and luxe styles.

2. Gold Finish

This design doesn’t have any gold accessories – its gold finish is enough to make it stand out all on its own. Use a similar design to serve drinks at a party (like a “permanent bar cart”) as shown here. Perfect for: Contemporary and traditional styles.

3. Gold Vase

This blue-gold ombre vase looks almost like a glowy sunset. We’re also loving the gold spherical figurine right next to it. Paired with a rustic brown table, gold makes the perfect contrast. Perfect for: Transitional and rustic styles.

4. Gold Lamp

A gold lamp is always a good time! Place one on a bedside table for a bit of ritz. Better yet, place one on either end for elegant symmetry. When turned on at night in a dark room, the radiance of the lightbulb + the gold base = so stunning. Perfect for: This look works with any and all styles!

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