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5 Best C-Tables – and Why You Need One Right Now

These c-tables will change the way you work from your couch. Built like a hard “c,” the tops of these tables come up at arm’s height; perfect for placing laptops, work papers and drinks! 

1. Loretta C-Table

This one works like all c-tables do: push the base under a sofa or chair, and the top surface comes right within easy arm’s reach. Plus: we’re loving the Loretta’s clean lines and overall modern feel.

2. Badger Adjustable C-Table

The best part about the badger is you can adjust it up and down – as tall or low as is comfortable for you! If you entertain a lot, this wood c-table is a must-have. (Guests will no doubt fuss over its clever design!)

3. Grove C-Table

For a c-table, the Grove is spacious, meaning you can keep more items near your seat than usual. We’re thinking TV remote, laptop, drink, phone and a mini diffuser – but hey, that’s just us!

4. Wood + Metal C-Table

The Wood + Metal is like the furniture version of a mullet – business on the bottom, party at the top! Slide the base under your seat, and enjoy chic rustic-modern style at your service.

5. Shagreen C-Table

An antique brass frame sets the Shagreen apart from the rest. Featuring an iron and resin base with modern lines and a gorgeous shagreen tabletop. (Shagreen, by the way, is a suede-like material that mimics or is natural hide.)

“C” something you like? The great thing about c-tables is they’re versatile. We like to call them the “any reason, any season” tables. Our favorite way to style them? Placing two in a home theater – one on either side of a sofa. (Trust us – reaching for the popcorn will never feel easier!)

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