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9 Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas That Are Perfectly Quaint

The season of gazing through raindrop-laden windows while sipping on hot coffee is underway. Here’s how to make your interiors just right for the cooler months with cozy farmhouse fall decor.
mason jars of mini pinecones
1. Mason Jars of Mini Pinecones
For an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home for fall, consider filling up mason jars with mini pinecones that you can collect from your yard or buy online. Tie a burlap ribbon around the jar or add a monogrammed tag, and you have a simple yet charming accent piece for your shelves, mantel, or window sill.
cozy autumn pumpkins
2. Cozy Autumn Pumpkins
While real pumpkins are a classic fall decoration, they can be messy and don't last long. Instead, you can make your own fabric pumpkins in different sizes and patterns using old clothes or scraps of fabric. Stuff them with stuffing or batting, and add a stem and leaves made of real or faux twigs. You can also use them as part of a centerpiece or wreath.
3. Farmhouse Fall Signs
Wooden signs with cozy sayings or inspirational messages are a staple of farmhouse decor. Whether you find them in a store or make them yourself with stencils and paint, fall-themed signs can be hung on a wall, leaned against a shelf, or placed on a console table. Some popular sayings include "Hello, Fall," "Thankful and Blessed," and "Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please."

Farmhouse Fall Signs

farmhouse gourds
4. Farmhouse Gourds
As an alternative to traditional pumpkins, you can use different types of gourds such as acorn squash and butternut squash to create a rustic fall display. Line them up on a tray or basket, or place them on a bed of hay or dried leaves. You can also paint them white or gold and add some glitter for a more glamorous touch.
5. Faux Greenery
Adding some greenery to your fall decor can help balance out the warm hues and add freshness to the space. However, instead of using real plants that require maintenance and watering, you can opt for faux greenery such as eucalyptus or cotton stems. Arrange them in a vase or jar, or use them to create a wreath or garland.
6. Tiered Trays
Tiered trays are great for displaying small decor items such as candles, pumpkins, and figurines. You can find them in various styles and materials, or make your own using cake plates and candlesticks. Use them as a focal point on your coffee table or dining table, or as an accent piece on your kitchen island.

Farmhouse Fall Trays

7. Cold-Weather Wall Art
If you're looking for a statement piece for your fall decor, consider a framed print or canvas of a scenic autumn landscape or a cozy quote. You can also find or make a wreath or garland using branches, feathers, and other natural elements. Hang them above your fireplace, bed, or entryway for a welcoming touch.

Farmhouse Fall Art

plaid table runner farmhouse fall decor
8. Plaid Table Runner
Nothing says fall like a plaid pattern in warm colors such as red, orange, and brown. A plaid table runner can add a pop of color and texture to your dining table or kitchen counter. You can pair it with white or beige plates and napkins, or mix and match with other fall-themed decor.
9. Vases of Sunflowers
Sunflowers are the epitome of fall with their bright yellow petals and brown centers. You can buy a bouquet of real or faux sunflowers, or make your own using tissue paper or felt. Arrange them in a vase or bucket, or use them as part of a centerpiece with other fall flowers such as dahlias and mums.

Farmhouse Fall Vases

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