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Decorating a Dining Room for Christmas

It’s not the holidays without gathering for good meals. But before bellies are stuffed with home-cooked recipes, lips smacked with remnants of cranberry sauce and appetites satisfied for another two days, the tables, seating and centerpieces need just as much tending to as the dishes served. If you need a little yuletide inspiration for hosting dinner parties or just general entertaining, check out our favorite tips for decorating a Christmas dining room.
merry benchmas dining bench
Merry Bench-mas
Bench seating ticks off all the boxes: it’s roomy enough for multiple people, versatile enough to be placed in any room of the house and minimalist enough to be layered with throws. If hosting Christmas in a small dining room, opt for a bench to save space while being able to seat more people. (Another plus of this alternative seating type: Unlike chairs with backs and arms, the low-profile bench won’t block the view of a festive table setting.)
dining room glass candle
Uncles and Antlers
Dad puns aside, an antler-striped table setting is a seriously trendy way to treat your guests. The woodsy theme fits in with a winter wonderland aesthetic (you can almost hear snow owls hooting in the distance), providing a subtle way to “do Christmas” without the kitsch.
Texture: The Spice of Christmas Décor
They say appetite starts with the eyes . . . we say so does decor. If you want your guests to feel comfortable, invoke their sense of touch before they even sit down. Texturize a dining set: upholstered seats with a wood dining table heighten contrast. Add to the view with ceramics, distressed wood and wax candles for a subtle table setting that feels as cozy as it does dimensional.
christmas dining
christmas dining
christmas dining
dining room candle
Coloring With Neutrals
In the dining room, warm up your neutrals to fit the season. For an elegant entertaining experience, swap browns for golds, creams for silvers and beiges for bronze. Boasting an intrinsic shine and sparkle, these neutrals offer tasteful glamor – and beat out kitschy red-and-green Christmas palettes, every time. (Take it from us: the rich flavor of metallic-hued décor pairs well with cider, eggnog and all other holiday drinks!)
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