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69 Fall Planter Ideas for Seasonal Greens

If you live in a place that lets you enjoy the autumnal air while sipping lattes on your back patio, count yourself blessed; for the rest of us, chilly early-winter frosts force us inside this time of year! Either way, check out these fall planter ideas, which will be sure to keep your scenery just right – whether you’re indoors or out. Use fall container garden ideas to rekindle your love for the season of harvest and festivities.

1. Fall Planter Nook

Even though it’s a signal of the start of the end of the year, the beginning of fall is the beginning of a new season. Switch out old plants for new and create a nook bustling with fall planters and greens. Place directly under a window for healthy growth!

2. High & Mighty

This unused fireplace turns into a soapbox for planters that want to make a statement; here, the keyword is unused, which makes a safe, less-flammable vignette. For a more tucked-away look, try fall planters inside a fireplace! Mix heights, styles and sizes for a layered look, as seen here.

3. All Booked Up

Book yourself up this season for style. Try a very small planter on a stack of your favorite books, and show the books’ bindings to fuse your personal literary interests with your home décor. The smaller the planter, the cuter the planter, and the more well-read the books, the more rustic the look!

4. A Leg Up

The way we see it, plant stands and plant stands are two different things (the latter, phonetically italicized)! There are plant stands, which are stands, usually made of metal, with a tall base and flat top similar to a table, designed for arranging plants and flowers. Then, there are plant stands, which are planters that look like they’re standing up, thanks to adorable little planter legs!

5. Harvest Relaxation

An outdoor chair with no other furniture, no dining table and definitely no other chairs means only one thing: privacy. Style a nook for one in the backyard when you need to take some time off for mental health and rejuvenation. Throw in planters and fall plant types to give yourself a little company – of the kind that won’t talk back!

6. New Blues

A fresh splash of blue is chic for fall. This abstract jar with side handles makes a great container for a small tree in a modern backyard.

7. Out of Many, One

The fall planters here are just a small part of a greater whole. There’s a lot going on if you take the time to study the details, but all of the subtle textures and colors in this vignette work together to create a minimalist effect.

8. Plant Plates

Plants that grow close to the ground at their tallest are better suited in a dish for plants than a planter. These also open up more choices for placement, such as tabletops, stairs, shelves, garden stools, fireplace mantels, window ledges, kitchen counters and bar counters.

9. Twinning

Sourcing planters from different places as you spot them at thrift shops and yard sales can make an eclectic, charming look when they’re all styled together. But if you really want to look like you know what you’re doing with no room for error, match. A welcoming set of two makes the perfect segue to this busiest season!

10. Seasonal Succulents

Because succulents are associated with deserts, many people don’t realize these greens can be planted in cooler temperatures – and not only can they, but they prefer to! Most succulents should be planted when the weather is mild and fully formed once the extremes start to hit. For fall, mix up the flowers with a little aloe vera or rubber plant for seasonal refreshment that will last all year.

11. Plant Stands

Get creative with stands! Making art out of furniture fills in the gap between the plant and the floor in a memorable way.

12. Labor Day Whites

These three should settle the debate once and for all: white looks good, no matter the time of year! Here, textured edges playfully mimic the textures of the plants themselves. Try a trio in monochrome and let the leaves bring the color, mixing leaves and plant types for visual artistry.

13. “Fall Is Here”

There’s a certain excitement that comes from getting to pull out the “fall” section of your wardrobe once “sweater weather” finally hits, when you can finally wear those cozy, oversized sweaters. These planters are the equivalent of those sweaters – they’re cozy, oversized and say “fall is here” like nothing else.

14. Iron It Out

Long gone are the days when galvanized iron tubs were used for soaking laundry with a washboard and water pump. Now, they’re synonymous with farmhouse style, and, in September, October, November and December, fall farmhouse style. Place these in entryways, backyards and living rooms for a season full of style.

15. Sleek-Chic

Black planters are sleek on their own; with warm wood legs for contrast, they bring all the autumnal tidings. Contrast with fresh chrysanthemums, pansies, purple fountain grass or crotons for an immediate fall feel. Black brings out every color and mood, so keep these out all year long, switching only the plants within them!

16. Classic Porcelain

A porcelain planter set adds classicism to fall décor. The weight and feel of porcelain isn’t cheap – it brings showmanship and beauty, especially when textured or molded with detailed patterns. Buy a set of two in white for year-round décor; try artificial greens for permanent décor!

17. To Market, To Market

It’s safe to say that of all the styles, farmhouse allows for the most specific references and motifs. Case in point: a rooster with an eating trough, converted into a planter for modern times. In all seriousness, the distressed materials and quaint textures in this aesthetic give us super-cozy fall feels.

18. Crestfallen

A unique crest, aptly paired with a regal, sculptural planter, is the perfect armor against chilly weather and harsh winds. Place on your front porch to signal the nobility within your home. For a truly majestic experience, place one on each side of a doorway – now turned portcullis!

19. Fall Antiques

An antique-inspired fall planter should be three things: distressed, unique and historical. Look for sculptural details, insignias, or patterns that tell the story of a past age. Cherubs, coats of arms, Greek keys and sun symbols are just a few classic motifs with which you can’t go wrong for a traditional fall aesthetic.

20. Golden Hour

Gold and fall go hand in hand – you need look no further than the tinted fallen leaves, late-hour sunsets and blooming chrysanthemums. Play the game indoors this season, as well: opt for golden figurines, golden decorative boxes, golden wall art and golden planters.

21. Black Iron

Some plants are just too special; perhaps this is because of the time you’ve spent nurturing them, or perhaps this is because they were a gift from a close friend or relative. Either way, for some plants, the floor is just not an option – worthier instead are raised stands. Here, black iron pedestals give honor to a trio of fall-ready indoor succulents.

22. Bejeweled

If glitz and glam are more your beat, we have a feeling you’ll love this set of iron plant stands – complete with bejeweled flowers. This also makes a great way to add some elegance to fall planters and foliage. (Want the flowers inside your planters to be just as pretty as the flower decoration on the outside of these planters? Fill them up with one or two planter-friendly flowres, such as petunias, perennials, zinnias, daisies, celosias, black-eyed susans, hydrangeas, marigolds and coral bells.

23. L’Automne

L’Automne: that’s French for fall, and we think it’s a befitting title for this French-inspired plant stand set, complete with a Romantic off-white silhouette and lace-cutout patterns, set against a backdrop of fleur-de-lis motifs. Pair these plant stands with off-white planters and washed-out greens for a vintage feel. Also, be sure to change out the backdrop these stands are set against (whether it’s a backdrop of wall art, wall décor or room divider); as the seasons change, refreshing the wall behind your planters can have just as profound an effect as refreshing the plants themselves.

24. Multiple Levels

Once you realize that virtually anything with storage can be a planter, the possibilities for fall planters are just about endless. Here, a “planter” in the form of a tiered tray that reminds one of a baker’s rack or barn-style shelves is perhaps the most charming way to keep plants in the coming cozy months.

25. Fall Rustic

This season, planters don’t lean rustic, they fall rustic, head over heels and down to the depths of the core of the style. As an antidote to all the party-going, hosting and shopping the season brings, the quiet charm of rustic style seems to pop up in fall more than any other season.

26. Time for Reflection

Fall brings the anticipation of the new year, making it a season of reflection. Let your décor reflect right along with you; contain plants in heirloom bowls that pay tribute to your family’s ancestry.

27. Walk the Talk

This plant stand has “fall” written all over it – as well as “summer,” “spring” and “winter,” depending on the flower variety you choose to fill it with! In fall, opt for cornflowers, fuchsias and sunflowers!

28. Fall Glamour

This white planter set with gold trims works for all seasons, but looks especially beautiful as outdoor décor for end-of-year holiday parties. Accentuate with mistletoe, and if using the planters for trees, line branches and trunks with festive fairy lights!

29. Fall Bamboo

This bamboo wood and wicker planter set brings a coastal air to fall décor, and doesn’t even need plants to make a space come alive. As an alternative, try using this set as chic storage for toys, magazines or even shoes.

30. Fall Laundry

The natural, organic properties of a bamboo planter are the perfect fall statements for a laundry room, where fresh is everything. Shown here, the small set of two natural brown and wicker planters in different sizes, tucked away in a corner, serves up beach-inspired relaxation – a much-needed thing at year’s end!

31. Oversize

Once you’ve found the perfect fall planter, size up – there’s no such thing as too big when it comes to making a style impact! Other considerations to be made when shopping for fall planter styles: Explore textures, colors and materials. Shown here, a unique woven pattern adds contrast and a touch of modern style.

32. Indoor Variety

Hallways, home offices, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, guest bedrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens – all are fair game for fall planter style. Try a set of two or three, separated into two or three different rooms, or keep the set together as shown here.

33. All-Ceramics

With gentle texture and a timeless aesthetic, an all-ceramics fall container garden campaigns for a slower pace of living.

34. “Come On In!”

A small fall container garden at the entrance of a hallway makes a welcome sight for guests.

35. Iron Ore

Get in touch with your inner geologist: create an earthy-metallic look with a set of iron planters outdoors.

36. Cozy Corner

When the elements outside start to turn, bring your garden indoors for a cozy fall setup.

37. Base Camp

These grey planters contrast with their black, geometric bases for a modern fall container garden.

38. Grey Days

Autumn’s grey skies and mellow mists need nothing more than a grey container garden counterpart.

39. Shrubs

A shrub garden maintained in a fall container garden introduces diverse textures to a backyard. For the later months, try muehlenbeckia or podocarpus. 

40. Autumn Tropics

These veiny leaves inspire a coastal vacation. For the most vibrant design, go with nerve plant (a.k.a. Fittonia albivenis).

41. Palms

Tip for growing palm plants in container gardens for fall: keep the air humid, and when the leaves start to brown, hold back on the fertilizer.

42. Palms

Tip for growing palm plants in container gardens for fall: keep the air humid, and when the leaves start to brown, hold back on the fertilizer.

43. Fallin' Off the Hedge

Create a green wall look with hedge plants in statement black containers as backdrop for a fall garden aesthetic. (Want more curb appeal? Try colorful foliage instead of hedge: ornamental cabbage, ornamental peppers, sweet potato vine, coleus, gourds, sedges (carex), calibrachoa, asters, heuchera and mums work just as well.)

44. Golden Looks

These gold-tint containers add a hint of spice to a fall-decorated living room.
falls flowers pots ideas

45. Hybrid Plants

Styling a fall container garden? Go hybrid by planting a mixture of greens in the same container to save space and water needs.

46. Silver Iron

A silver iron texture in an aged finish vibrates with farmhouse coziness – the perfect decoration for a fall container garden.

47. Fall Up

Containers that rise up on high legs make fall feel elevated. To get the look above, try elephant's ear, Chinese evergreen and dumb cane.

48. Three for the Win

Three completes the look, so style one fall container with another . . . and another

49. Wilder

An uncut look offers an English garden vibe. In a fall container, a grass variety for outdoors adds life and movement.

50. Autumn's Glow

Glow indoors with a fall container in holiday-ready gold.

51. Black-Tie Optional

For timeless elegance, go with ABC (all-black containers).

52. Brighter

As every "hostess with the mostess" knows: there's no such thing as too sparkly or too bright.

53. Ivy Greens

This fall, try something new in ivy. Choose from English ivy, Russian ivy, Algerian ivy, Japanese ivy and more. (Each offers a unique shape, color and pattern.)

54. Hip to Be Mod

Plump round containers in a charismatic shade of grey will make all other seasons jealous of fall.

55. Easy Rider

Recycle a cycler! This fall-loving planter uses a seat, handlebars and spokes for a rustic aesthetic.

56. Succulent Varieties

Grab an agave, dudleya, sedum or haworthia from your local nursery, then give it a loving home in an outdoor fall container garden.

57. Console Garden

Atop a console table, containers of more succulents add a breath of fresh air to this fall desert home.

58. Faux Mixtures

Combine faux and real flowers or go all-faux on a fall bedside table.

59. Hidden Figures

Fall containers in small places – look above, below and straight ahead for glimpses of greens.

60. Art In-Between

This fall, contain plants and art in the same space, like this clean, modern vignette that's ready to rise up to any occassion.

61. Hanging Tight

The best kind of fall container is the one a little higher. Wall planters oozing with hanging foliage forecast a season of refreshment.

62. Baskets and Dishes

Whether you contain them in a basket (as seen in the background of this photo) or dish, succulents in the fall don't need constant watering. If you're not sure, play it safe – it's better to underwater than overwater. 

63. Message Sent

It's not a question of if walls could talk but how. Here, it's through statment wall planters and the "gather" sign, pulled together by the beautifall centerpiece!

64. Floating Container Garden

Fall-ready means harvesting greens wherever there is space: on the ground, on the counters and overhead!

65. Air Plants

If you lack the green thumb, don't despair: look for plants that grow in air! We're 100% serious: air plants are a real thing, and they don't require soil (or skill).

66. Fall Layers

Contain the bounty of autumn in droves – and on as many surfaces as you dare to seek out.

67. Back-to-School

Nothing says fall like a coatrack inspired by the cubbies of our schooldays. Place in entry for students' coats and top off with a container garden or two for said students' viewing pleasure.

68. Freshly Cut

Looking to contain cut flowers? Opt for peonies, ranunculus, calla lilies and gladiolus, which last the longest in a vase.

69. Front to Back

The vase with fronds is the obvious focal point. Not so obvious? The smaller but just as fresh group of container gardens chilling on the shelves in the background. 

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