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6 Desert Decor Ideas to Keep You Reliving Your Sun-Soaked Vacation

Combine the warm, arid appeal of the desert with modern, comfortable furniture, and you're left with unique desert decor. This style is influenced heavily by Mexico and the American southwest. It features everything from rustic materials reminiscent of cowboys (like leather and cowhides) to designs hailing from different cultures (like Mexican textiles and Navajo patterns). To add to the desert feel, the style is filled with clean lines, fresh greenery, neutral colors and warm, sunset-like hues (including bits of pink, orange and red).
When done right, desert decor offers a perfect blend of rustic and modern styles. The rustic items and cultural patterns pay homage to older times, while the fun colors and comfortable feel keep you rooted in the contemporary era. It's a great way to liven up any area of a home, whether it's a living room or bedroom. If you're in need of some desert decor inspiration, check out these six ideas.

1. Hats Off to You

This desert-style bedroom is proof that simple doesn't have to be boring. The straight lines, functional furniture and bare walls create a clean, polished look that radiates maturity and modernity. Throughout the room are small decorations that brighten up the space (like the patterned pillows and rug, the greenery on the nightstand and the hats hanging on the wall). To finish off the look are an assortment of light, neutral colors. Of course, you don't have to stick to white -- play around with any neutral shades, and don't be afraid to add in a few vibrant colors as well.

2. A Hint of the Desert

Desert decor doesn't always revolve around plain, white colors, as exemplified by this green bedroom look. This room deviates from the typical desert style by relying on more vibrant colors for the walls and bedspread. However, you'll still find several desert decor hallmarks, including houseplants, naturalistic artwork and patterned rugs. You'll even notice a few rustic objects, such as handwoven baskets and wooden nightstands. Overall, this look is perfect for anyone who appreciates aspects of desert decor but doesn't want to lean too heavily into the style.

3. Cool and Cozy

Anyone who wants to freshen up their dining space should check out this cozy, desert-inspired space. Just like the real desert, it lets visitors enjoy plenty of natural light (thanks to the large, bare window). This sunlight shines upon a simple table set-up that plays around with neutral shades (such as white, brown and black). Although the room is fairly minimalistic, it's still exciting and eye-catching thanks to the patterned rug, desert artwork and rusty hanging lamp, which you can swap out for any of your favorite accessories.

4. Simple Yet Stylish

If you're looking for a space that's both functional and aesthetically pleasing, this small set-up fits the bill. The metallic console table offers space to store spare items, as well as a smooth surface for hosting lamps, plants or any other accessories you might want to showcase. The entire furniture item is adorned with a subtle diamond pattern, which fits the unique feel of desert decor. Above it is a detailed painting depicting a desert scene. Of course, you don't need such an on-the-nose decoration -- any piece of art will do the trick.

5. Lively Living Room

Desert decor is a great way to make a space more inviting, as exemplified by this living room. It features several eye-catching patterns and accessories, yet still maintains a cool calmness. The large, Turkish rug plays around with fun patterns, while the collection of houseplants creates a naturalistic feel. And, just in case anyone isn't getting the desert vibe, there's an actual painting of a desert to set the mood. Feel free to fill the walls with any artwork you have, and don't forget to pair this bold decor with some relaxing, neutrally colored furniture.

6. A Writer's Dream

While the primary purpose of an office is to get work done, there's no reason why your desk has to be boring. This imaginative alcove uses desert decor to create a unique, cozy area that's sure to inspire workers. The most interesting part is arguably the ladder-style desk, which is crafted with wood. However, don't worry if you can't get your hands on one -- any desk will do. It's coupled with a modern, black chair, offering a balance between old-fashioned and present-day looks. Be sure to add some color to the area (which is accomplished here through plants).

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