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Decorating According to Your MBTI

Every style of decor for every Myers-Briggs Personality Type – because you deserve to feel in your element!


Style: Farmhouse

ISTJ personalities are quiet and dependable. They’re steadfast in their beliefs, and while they may seem reserved at first, they apply utmost dedication to all things – including their friendships. A little bit old-fashioned, but mostly soft and warm, the farmhouse style will best suit these types!


Style: Rustic

The ISTP type knows how to focus; thoughtful and dedicated, they’re problem-solvers, and their thought patterns often revolve around analytics and logic. A little bit industrial, a little bit rustic, the style that’ll make them feel most at home is unfussy, practical and gets back to basics.


Style: Minimalism

The ISFJ prefers to observe, and tends to be highly attuned to the needs and feelings of others, possessing a strong sense of empathy. Logic and function tend to guide their day-to-day choices. And while in group settings they can come across as shy, in reality, they prefer to ‘trim the fat’ and simply speak when they have something to say. While remaining cozy and hospitable, their decor is clean and practical – and can be described as ‘minimalism, but comfy.’


Style: Shabby Chic

The ISFP is kind, soft-spoken and has a strong eye for aesthetic. Tending to shy away from conflict or controversy, they feel most at home with tried-and-true classics rather than bold or questionable trends. Like no other style of design, shabby chic, with its traditional look, weathered feel and feminine spirit, is the true embodiment of this personality.


Style: Scandinavian

INFJ works hard to stick to a moral code or set of values they’ve developed for themselves, applying it to every aspect of their life; from work to play to family and friendships, they are loyal and caring, even (and especially) when the going gets tough. The style that best suits this type? Scandinavian – a style at once softly sweeping and fastidiously timeless!


Style: Art Deco

INFP is idealistic, in the best of senses. They strive to better humanity through both the minutiae of the everyday, as well as through the bigger, and at times loftier, goals they’ve created for themselves. While quiet, their imaginations can get carried away. And while soft-spoken on the outside, these types often find art – like decor! – an easy vessel for expressing their biggest emotions. Big, bold and cheerful, Art Deco perfectly encapsulates their inner spirit!

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Style: Cool & Collected

While boasting a quiet exterior, INTJ is a natural-born leader. Always on the lookout for the most practical solution to a problem, they move swiftly when it comes to making decisions, and have a clear vision – and action plan – for their future. Organized and tidy, with a focused ambiance, ‘cool & collected’ is the decor equivalent for this personality.


Style: Cottage Chic

While initially soft-spoken, INTP personalities can get really passionate really quickly if a topic or idea comes up in conversation that aligns with their interests or steadfast beliefs. While they prefer to think to themselves rather than ‘aloud,’ their thoughtful nature often yields overflow of creative output. These types will find their best match in the ‘cottage chic’ style, which is simple enough to create a peaceful place for thought and reflection – while catering, with a touch of whimsical frills, to a more creative, artistic tendency.


Style: Bold & Focused

ESTP’s have a way with people. Their winning personalities and quick wit make them star leaders in campaigns, negotiations and other business endeavors, and while they live for the ‘here and now,’ that doesn’t mean they tackle the issues that come their way with less-than-ordinary passion. They have a clear vision for themselves, and it often involves leading a team of people to achieve great things better, stronger and faster than the competitors. A home that’s ‘bold and focused’ will match their mindsets – and reaffirm their journey along their straight-and-narrow paths to success.


Style: Transitional

The ESTJ has a clear ideal: a harmonious and peaceful society. Multi-takers at heart, ESTJs are action-oriented and prefer to do rather than theorize. While their organized minds and natural leadership make them great at hosting parties and professional events, they’re never one to demand attention or cause a ruckus.  Classic, comfortable, and flexible enough to step up to the plate when the occasion (like hosting a cocktail party!) calls for it, their style can best be described as…Transitional!


Style: Mid-Century Modern

If there’s one thing an ESFP can do, it’s work a room. Possessing highly-attuned social skills and a natural talent for storytelling , they feed off positive energy – and are always up for a good dare. It makes sense, then, that the style of decor that best complements this outgoing, bold personality would itself be outgoing and bold – and one of the biggest influencers in the history of design. We are, of course, talking about mid-century modernism, a style which not once but twice captivated an entire nation in the 20th century, like the natural storyteller it is!


Style: Traditional

While more of a listener than a talker, ESFJs thrive in social settings, where people are drawn to their warm-hearted, selfless ways. Respectable of tradition, they demonstrate poise like no other, making them perfect for the elegant touches of the ‘style of society and manners’ that is Traditional.


Style: Bright & Colorful

ENFP types are idealistic and creative. Quick to think outside the box, ENFPs are as clever as they are social. A good idea, whether the ESFP’s own or someone else’s, will never fail to inspire, and the ESFP will often jump at the chance to ‘take the reigns’ on any exciting new project that may come their way. Passionate about the future, always searching for the ‘next big thing,’ if the ESFP deserves anything, its a style of innovation and boldness, one so unique, it doesn’t quite fit into any existing style of design – one which we will here call, Bright & Colorful!


Style: Comfy & Hospitable

To put it simply, the ENFJ is a people person. They are highly in sync with their own emotions, and as a result tend to connect with others on a deeper level. Hospitable at heart, these types might easily get taken advantage of – if it were not for their social deftness. Soft, clever and always up for hosting a Friday night hangout, the ‘Comfy & Hospitable’ style is nothing short of the ENFJ’s spirit animal!

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Style: Eclectic

ENTPs can think on their feet and love doing so. They’ll take a stimulating debate over polite conversation any day. Sometimes obsessive, ENTPs tend to jump from one passion project to the next, if for no other reason than to add splashes of color to life’s monotonous routines. It makes sense, then, that the ENTP would thrive in an attention-grabbing habitat – here, we’re calling it: Eclecticism is the best embodiment of the ENTP personality!


Style: Sleek & Modern

ENTJs tend to blaze trails of success wherever they go, thanks to their unstoppable drive for sticking with a problem until it is solved. They often possess high knowledge – and a confidence which tends to draw people to them. Serious about their goals, these types demand a style that will cater to the strict schedules and tight deadlines they often set for themselves. Sleek & Modern, a style which gets right ‘to the point’ is the only one we know of that can rise to the occasion!

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