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20 Dark Bedroom Ideas

Why Decorate Dark?
Moody, dramatic bedrooms are a hot trend right now, with deep-colored walls and an old-Hollywood, gothic glam element. The key to a great dark bedroom is dark paint on the walls: deep purple or blue, black, or dark grey. If a light, bright bedroom makes it hard to relax and sleep, or if you want to overhaul your bland, boring bedroom, there are a lot of different ways to style a dark bedroom. We're looking at some of our favorites today.

1. Built-In Dark Wood Headboard

Built-in nightstands into your dark wood headboard, creating a wainscotting effect for a dark half-wall. Coordinating dark wood frames and black and white prints keep the dark motif going, but the white half wall lightens up the space.

2. Darker Bedding

Like the look of a dark bedroom but don't want to fully commit with paint? Try darker bedding instead. Rich, deep purples, greys, and even stark black can give you that moody impact. Try mixing different types of fabric and textures in the same deep color family for added interest.

3. Dark Wood Furniture

You can achieve the dark bedroom style with your furniture. Instead of lighter wood, opt for a deep grey or black stain. Avoid darker brown tones, even walnut, as these colors still have an earthy warmth that doesn't fully capture the dark bedroom vibe. Your chairs can be dark cushioned or upholstered, too.

4. Style With Dark Accessories

Complete the dark bedroom look with dark décor. Opt for black and white pictures and prints on the walls instead of color, and choose black or grey accessories, like vases, candle holders, or abstract statuettes.

5. Monochrome Palette, Lush Textures

You don't have to go completely black to create a luxurious, inviting, dark bedroom. Opt for an entirely grey room, choosing colors within a few shades difference, and add interest with texture. This bedroom is sensual, inviting you to touch everything from the fine striped wallpaper, reminiscent of old-Hollywood silk wallpaper, and the plush bedding and velvet furniture.

6. Choose Stripes On the Walls

Striped walls, in dark black and a complementing lighter tone, add a visual impact on one wall. Choose the wall that your bed rests against, which creates the illusion of a sweeping, dramatic headboard. We like this look above, with the contrasting floral print in shades of grey, because it softens the bold stripes and adds a touch of whimsy and romance. Coordinate your color palette with shades of grey for the furniture.

7. Dark, Yet Bright

We've mentioned dark navy for a beautiful dark bedroom, but this room, done in shades of deep Royal Blue, manages to meld the soothing qualities of a dark bedroom with bright, natural light. The fabric-wrapped bed frame and headboard is the star here, complemented with bedding in shades of blue. A natural stone textured impact wall adds an unusual contrast to the regular pattern on the bedframe. Finally, loads of natural light fill the space, adding brightness.

8. Dark Walls, Ceiling, and Floor

When you go entirely monochrome for your bedroom, from walls and ceiling to flooring, there are a couple of things to keep in mind, so you don't feel trapped in a tiny box. First, choose a color with depth – we like this rich Navy blue with a yellow undertone. Second, add visual contrast, like the paneling effect on an impact wall or a deep pile wall-to-wall carpeting. A huge coordinating Oriental rug livens up the all-blue tone, and the bedding and accessories are all coordinated with different shades in the rug for a cohesive look.

9. Elements of Nature

Rich brown stained wood furnishings, painted exposed brick, and live plants create openness and warmth in what would be a stark and dark room. The décor is organic, from the raw ropes holding hanging plants aloft to the wicker baskets for storage. Style this room in shades of copper, bronze, and rich medium browns.

10. Add Feminine Touches to a Masculine Dark Style

This particular room has a masculine base – deep colors and strong, bold lines. Soften the look and bring the room together with feminine, gentle touches, like the toss pillows on the bed or spindly, delicate lamps for the side tables. The large floral prints soften the navy bedroom, although they still retain the masculine feel.

11. Dark and Rustic

This warm bedrooms is far from the deep, dark glam of many dark bedrooms. Instead, deep colors on the stained wood furniture and nature-inspired impact walls create a rustic appeal. Imagine either the bed or dresser in a remote cabin in the woods overlooking a lake. Styling the look with live plants or warm metals completes the look.

12. Dark Headboard

Choose a dark, oversized headboard to add a small pop of dark into an otherwise light, airy space. This deep blue is the only thing in that shade in the room, which immediately draws the eye.

13. Mid-Century Modern Minimalist

Even the color scheme here speaks of the 60s and 70s, and the 1950's retro style end tables and bedframe complete the look. This is an unusual dark bedroom, as the walls are a deep mauve, complemented by the rich navy of the bedding.

14. Country-Style Dark

We like this look, bringing together a bold plaid in black and white and mixing it with warm, stained wood. Metal details on the frame and a black metal lamp bring the two disparate styles together for a rustic yet chic, darker bedroom look.

15. Warm Grey For a Darker Look

The rich grey velvet headboard has pink undertones, which are echoed in the walls. Warm undertones soften a dark bedroom, making it soft and warm. Add pale pastels for the bedding and accessories, like small pillows and throws, to complete a cozy look in a small space.

16. Ethereal Periwinkle

This dreamy dark bedroom is grounded by the deep grey walls, with blue undertones accented by the headboard's periwinkle blue and matching bench. The large patterned rug underneath the bed brings the colors in the room together, while the feather print and sculpture add a touch of whimsy, echoed by the sheer filmy curtains.

17. Pale Grey Romance

The beauty of this bedroom is in the details. A grey base is enhanced with bright pops of pink and orange, while the small details add richness and luxury. The dark metal lamp adds to the warmth, but the details on the stand add interest. A romantic, abstract print draws out the flecks of color in the bedding.

18. Rustic Explorer

Pillars in the corners of this bedroom draw the eye up while shades of khaki dominate. The texture on the walls and ceiling add interest, and the elements of the room, from the brown fabric bedframe to the deep wood furniture and shelves, carry the color scheme through. Brown isn't boring here — all the elements are touchable, from the jute rug underneath the bed to the wool patterned blanket on top.

19. Velvet Headboard

We can't get enough of velvet headboards, but the interest in this room lies in the contrast between a romantic, plush grey headboard and the Craftsman-inspired bedside table and Tiffany-style lamp. The plush bedding and touchable headboard are the focal points of the room, but the unexpected pairing of the lamp adds interest. A muted taupe wall is neutral enough so that the furnishing shine.

20. Rich Wood and Robin's Egg Blue

The heaviness of the bed frame and dresser is lightened by the bright stain of the wood, polished to gleam. The natural light enhances the walls in a rich Robin's Egg Blue, and the contrast between the pale blue and the rich wood adds visual interest. Style this with steampunk-inspired metal side tables and deeper blue accent pillows and a cozy chair to finish the look.

Your Dark Bedroom

When creating a dark bedroom, work with colors in the same family. You can use lighter shades of the same color to create interest without the room appearing jumbled or messy. Deep colors on the walls can be offset by a light rug on the floor or an oversized print on the wall. Or, make the bed the focal point, with deep-colored bedding and textured blankets and pillows.

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