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Celebrate National Decorating Month with These Pro Tips

It’s no secret that National Decorating Month is pretty well-timed; with beautiful weather (and summer just around the corner!), April is often when we find ourselves in the midst of some serious spring cleaning – and there’s no better season to rethink your decor than when your home is freshly organized and clutter-free!
From the Experts: To help us compile the list below, we asked Shelby Greene, visual stylist at Living Spaces, for her favorite ways to celebrate all things home decor. Shelby suggested that the best way to kick start inspiration is to include others in the ideation process: “I am constantly searching for decorating inspiration. During National Decorating Month, you can show off your decorating skills by sharing on social media and gaining inspiration from others."
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1. For spring, think light and bright.

National Decorating Month comes at the height of spring – when the weather starts to warm up, blossoms are in full bloom, and something about the air just feels sweeter. Take a cue from this season of renewal. Clear away counters, shelves and tabletops, and replace burdensome clutter with only refreshing decor that adds to the “lightness” and “brightness” of your space. Incorporate vases with fresh flowers sporadically through your space. Drape windows with sheer curtains to accentuate natural light during the day, and incorporate ample indoor lighting – such as floor lamps and pendants – to keep your home cozy and glowy during the night.

2. Focus in on a specific area.

Because their living spaces are often already established in terms of furniture and decor, for most people, National Decorating Month is actually National Re-Decorating Month. But “re-decorating” can often feel intimidating – and if you don’t know where to start, overwhelming. Just like with accomplishing other goals in life, taking small steps is key. Pick a nook, hallway, or even something as small as a corner of a kitchen counter as your designated area for redecorating. Swap out the old and tired decor for the new, and be amazed by how such a small change can have such a big effect on the room as a whole!

3. Fall in love with comfort…

While home decorating is fun, remember that more important than the look of your space is how you and others feel in it. Signs of overused furniture, like sagging in a sofa, wobbling in a chair and wear-and-tear in a rug, come on gradually and may even go unnoticed by you – but often catch the attentions of guests. Create a clean canvas for easy decorating; start off National Decorating Month by replacing tired pieces with fresh, comfortable designs.

4. ...While stepping out of your comfort zone.

Decorating your space wouldn’t be very productive if you stuck only to your tried-and-true designs – doing so is bound to make your space feel as though it hasn’t changed at all! Use National Decorating Month as an excuse to experiment with colors and designs which you would normally shy away from; you never know which bold orange pouf or electric blue lampshade you may end up falling in love with next!

5. Understand color meaning.

If you want to make a space feel open and airy, the lighter and brighter the colors you use, the better. If you want to energize a space, stick to colors with warm undertones like reds, yellows and oranges. If you want to calm down and cool off a space, blue, purple and indigo will work best. Understanding the role color palettes play in decor can help you choose which colors will help accomplish the style mood you’re after.

6. Create a gallery wall.

Show some love to your walls with a gallery of photographs, paintings and other works of art that inspire you and add to your decor. If “gallery” or “collage” sounds intimidating, remember that even the simplest arrangement – like hanging three pictures in a row, or a group of four (one pair on top of another) – can add the most elegant style to any space.

7. Pave the way for summer decor.

National Decorating Month may be in April, but that shouldn’t stop you from prepping for the summer that’s just around the corner! Assess whether your guest beds, sleeper sofas, and outdoor furniture is in shape enough for hosting the upcoming summer barbecues, bashes and extended family stays; if any upgrade is needed, do it now – so that you can effortlessly delve into summer decorating when the time rolls around.

8. Tell your story

It goes without saying that the style you choose for your interior decor should be pleasing to you and make you feel completely comfortable and at home; take the notion a step further by incorporating pieces with deep meaning. Dust off some of the prized possessions that you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet, and display them with pride! Whether it’s placing a family heirloom behind the glass of a curio cabinet or hanging up a framed poster of your favorite concert, surrounding yourself with personal items makes for a space that feels like home – and not to mention, great conversation starters!

9. Make your backyard an extension of your style.

When it comes to decorating, outdoor spaces are often an afterthought, though often because of the best of intentions: we tend to prioritize the spaces where we spend the most time (and for many, that means that the living room trumps the backyard). But consistently pushing your outdoor space to the end of your decorating to-do list just makes it that much more “tedious” and seemingly insurmountable. This year, intentionally make your backyard (or patio or porch) a priority. Start by ‘cozying’ it up with weatherproof furniture like outdoor dining sets and sectionals. Once you’ve gotten over the “hurdle” that it can take to start on outdoor decorating, it can be hard to stop! Oftentimes, all it takes is something as simple as a cozy patio chair to see a difference in the look and feel of your backyard – and open up a world of styling potential. 

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Just keep in mind, when in the midst of decorating your outdoor space, the colors and designs you’ve chosen for your home; a backyard that is an extension of your personal style makes for a space that feels just as homey and comfy as any interior!

Already have a backyard setup? Spruce it up with fresh planters filled with seasonal foliage – or decorative throw pillows you can easily throw onto a sofa or lounge.

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