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Seeing Green: 5 St. Patrick’s Day Style Tips

With the holidays long over and cold weather almost behind us, March has us looking for any reason to shake off our winter blues and celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day—March 17—is the perfect excuse to throw a bash with friends or revamp the look of your home just in time for spring. Here, we’re rounding up our favorite ways to pay tribute to the traditional Irish holiday (that don’t involve a day-long pub crawl).

Say Cheers!

St. Patrick’s Day has deep religious and cultural roots for the people of Ireland. The holiday has long-been an occasion for parades and festivals, and traditional restrictions on drinking alcohol are lifted. Given its history, it’s no wonder why March 17 has become a day for people in the States to indulge in pints of green beer or shamrock cocktails. Ready to get into the holiday spirit(s) at home? A bar cabinet or cart brimming with green fixings is just the ticket. We added limes, basil, and mint garnishes for a St. Patrick’s-worthy display.

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Seafoam to Sage

Nothing is more quintessential to St. Patrick’s Day than the color green. From luxe emerald to cheerful lime, we love this color family because it’s anything but one-note. Different shades can bring a different ambiance and mood to a room, so it’s easy to find the St. Patrick’s Day shade that speaks to your style.

Feeling green shy? Too many of us steer clear of green because it’s challenging to find a palette that complements the bold hue. Let St. Patrick’s Day be your excuse to try your hand at incorporating green, by way of something small like a vase or throw pillows. Feeling daring? Spring for a statement piece like a jewel-tone sofa that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Gather and Feast

The holiday was dubbed an official religious feast day in the 17th century, and just as restrictions on drinking alcohol were historically lifted, so were rules barring certain foods and cuisines. Needless to say, traditional festivities included plenty of banquets, buffets, and feasting. You can pay homage to the Irish celebrations of yesteryear with help from a new traditional dining set. Find the set that fits your guest list and set the scene for a St. Patrick’s Day gathering.

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Add Live Greenery

Plants are the simplest way to infuse fresh shades of green into every room of your home. What’s more? Many of today’s most popular indoor houseplants (think devil’s ivy and snake plants) thrive on just a small amount of sunlight and water, no green thumb required. Pair each plant with a chic planter to show off your flora in its best light.

Lighten Up

St. Patrick’s Day falls on the cusp of springtime, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to shed your home’s winter layers and introduce a lightened-up look. Put away the heavy blankets and luxe decor to make way for something new. Pale green accessories echo the fresh buds beginning to blossom outside, while neutral furniture pieces are a clean slate that signal the start of a new season.

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