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Black Metal Bed Frame Bedroom Ideas (5 Styling Tips)

Hold on reaching for the bed skirts — and let your black metal bed frame shine uncovered, with these bedroom styling ideas.
1. Neutral, Spring Linens
Steel, iron, brass and matte black: each cold and unforgiving, but neutral and easy to build up. It’s almost impossible to add a duvet or bedding set to a black metal bed frame and go wrong . . . black goes with every color (except perhaps certain shades of brown). For metal, you have the luxury of contrast; any soft material, no matter if it’s linen, cotton or velvet, feels perfect against the coolness of this timeless bed frame material.

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2. Dark & Glammed Up
A dark grey or black quilt against a black metal bed frame proves that contrast isn’t the only way to go. Light, bright colors? Pass. Go instead for the striking glamor of charcoal, black and midnight blue tones. Pattern play here helps dark to pop, with slivers of white peeking through this tribal bed blanket.

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If you've ever wondered if that crisp hotel bedding look can be recreated, it can. To hone it in even more and give it a less stiff, still crisp vibe, add quaint details. Lace, fringe, patchwork or a loose-knit throw diminishes the sterile hotel look, and feels more like a mom-and-pop bed-and-breakfast.
4. Curved Metal Shapes
A black iron bed frame can just stand there, imposing, boring, unstylish, if you let it. We recommend taking a few easy steps to draw a cozier, more fun, stylish effect. Start with a different shape: try a curved headboard, still metal, still black. It’s literally cutting corners — and, for cozy, chic vibes, feels so right.

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5. Trellis Daybed
The trellis framework is inspired by designs from the 19th century, so right off the bat, just by bringing in the frame and nothing else, your bedroom has got vintage charm going for it. The way the lines draw the eye up doesn’t hurt the case for grabbing one of these designs: the heightening effect of the castings, simultaneously dainty, feminine and industrial, makes any space feel fresh, open and airy.

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