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37 Best Fall Container Garden Ideas

37 fall container gardens to rekindle your love for the season of harvest and festivities.

1. All-Ceramics

With gentle texture and a timeless aesthetic, an all-ceramics fall container garden campaigns for a slower pace of living.

2. “Come On In!”

A small fall container garden at the entrance of a hallway makes a welcome sight for guests.

3. Iron Ore

Get in touch with your inner geologist: create an earthy-metallic look with a set of iron planters outdoors.

4. Cozy Corner

When the elements outside start to turn, bring your garden indoors for a cozy fall setup.

5. Base Camp

These grey planters contrast with their black, geometric bases for a modern fall container garden.

6. Grey Days

Autumn’s grey skies and mellow mists need nothing more than a grey container garden counterpart.

7. Shrubs

A shrub garden maintained in a fall container garden introduces diverse textures to a backyard. For the later months, try muehlenbeckia or podocarpus. 

8. Autumn Tropics

These veiny leaves inspire a coastal vacation. For the most vibrant design, go with nerve plant (a.k.a. Fittonia albivenis).

9. Palms

Tip for growing palm plants in container gardens for fall: keep the air humid, and when the leaves start to brown, hold back on the fertilizer.

10. Set in Stone

These stone-hued planters bring year-round style, so that all you have to do is switch out the contents with seasonal greens.

11. Fallin' Off the Hedge

Create a green wall look with hedge plants in statement black containers as backdrop for a fall garden aesthetic.

12. Golden Looks

These gold-tint containers add a hint of spice to a fall-decorated living room.

13. Hybrid Plants

Styling a fall container garden? Go hybrid by planting a mixture of greens in the same container to save space and water needs.

14. Silver Iron

A silver iron texture in an aged finish vibrates with farmhouse coziness – the perfect decoration for a fall container garden.

15. Fall Up

Containers that rise up on high legs make fall feel elevated. To get the look above, try elephant's ear, Chinese evergreen and dumb cane.

16. Three for the Win

Three completes the look, so style one fall container with another . . . and another

17. Wilder

An uncut look offers an English garden vibe. In a fall container, a grass variety for outdoors adds life and movement.

18. Autumn's Glow

Glow indoors with a fall container in holiday-ready gold.

19. Black-Tie Optional

For timeless elegance, go with ABC (all-black containers).

20. Brighter

As every "hostess with the mostess" knows: there's no such thing as too sparkly or too bright.

21. Ivy Greens

This fall, try something new in ivy. Choose from English ivy, Russian ivy, Algerian ivy, Japanese ivy and more. (Each offers a unique shape, color and pattern.)

22. Hip to Be Mod

Plump round containers in a charismatic shade of grey will make all other seasons jealous of fall.

23. Easy Rider

Recycle a cycler! This fall-loving planter uses a seat, handlebars and spokes for a rustic aesthetic.

24. Succulent Varieties

Grab an agave, dudleya, sedum or haworthia from your local nursery, then give it a loving home in an outdoor fall container garden.

25. Console Garden

Atop a console table, containers of more succulents add a breath of fresh air to this fall desert home.

26. Faux Mixtures

Combine faux and real flowers or go all-faux on a fall bedside table.

27. Hidden Figures

Fall containers in small places – look above, below and straight ahead for glimpses of greens.

28. Art In-Between

This fall, contain plants and art in the same space, like this clean, modern vignette that's ready to rise up to any occassion.

29. Hanging Tight

The best kind of fall container is the one a little higher. Wall planters oozing with hanging foliage forecast a season of refreshment.

30. Baskets and Dishes

Whether you contain them in a basket (as seen in the background of this photo) or dish, succulents in the fall don't need constant watering. If you're not sure, play it safe – it's better to underwater than overwater. 

31. Message Sent

It's not a question of if walls could talk but how. Here, it's through statment wall planters and the "gather" sign, pulled together by the beautifall centerpiece!

32. Floating Container Garden

Fall-ready means harvesting greens wherever there is space: on the ground, on the counters and overhead!

33. Air Plants

If you lack the green thumb, don't despair: look for plants that grow in air! We're 100% serious: air plants are a real thing, and they don't require soil (or skill).

34. Fall Layers

Contain the bounty of autumn in droves – and on as many surfaces as you dare to seek out.

35. Back-to-School

Nothing says fall like a coatrack inspired by the cubbies of our schooldays. Place in entry for students' coats and top off with a container garden or two for said students' viewing pleasure.

36. Freshly Cut

Looking to contain cut flowers? Opt for peonies, ranunculus, calla lilies and gladiolus, which last the longest in a vase.

37. Front to Back

The vase with fronds is the obvious focal point. Not so obvious? The smaller but just as fresh group of container gardens chilling on the shelves in the background. 

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