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23 Beach Color Palettes Inspired by the Ocean

Stunning beach color palettes to give your home a refreshing ocean breeze. Think seashell pink, white sand – and of course, oceanic blue!

1. Misty Grey

A cool grey palette mixed with splashes of blue accents channels early morning mist at the beach.

2. Island Waterfall

Get transported with mineral grey and an ‘island waterfall’ prism of blue, pink and white.

3. Sandy Neutrals

Sandy toes, sandy hair and a sandy bedroom make for a chic aesthetic.

4. Foamy White

Ride the white crest of a wave all day!

5. Coral, Brown, Blue + White

Like little bits of sea glass, the colors of this beachy-chic bedding are brought out by the solid wood bedframe.

6. Ethereal Wash

This living room has an ethereal feel to it – thanks to ocean wall art and a natural light-filled aura.

7. Pearl

Look inside an oyster’s shell, and you just might find this pearlesque dining room!

8. Jute + Rattan

Light beige plants native to tropical beaches usher in a breezy air.

9. Oceanic Blue

A grey sofa “floats” on the sea that is this blue-swirled floor.

10. Sun-Kissed Palette

When in doubt, go colorful – what would a tropic beach be, after all, without color?

11. Aqua + White

This Mediterranean-inspired kitchen invokes the saturation of the Aegean under the Grecian sun.

12. Navy + White

Dark blues with splashes of white give an elegant feel.

13. Beachy Brown

For authentic beach house charm, go heavy on light shades of brown.

14. Natural Light

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture must be saying “natural” a thousand times! Natural wood, natural rattan, natural light – it doesn’t get any beachier than that.

15. Blue + Beige

Light beige and blue is easy on the eyes and captures the essence of beach color.

16. Seafoam Green

This stunning hue can pass as blue depending on how the light hits it.

17. Tropical Yellow

After all, it wouldn’t be a beach paradise without pineapples, bananas and the blazing yellow sun.

18. Jade + Orange

‘Vacation mode’ starts with a bright and happy palette.

19. Yellow + Tan

A brown and tan coffee table grounds the energy of this playful yellow sofa.

20. Subdued Green

The color of a mermaid’s tale . . . or so we imagine.

21. Turquoise + "Seal" Silver

Surf's up! Where turquoise meets silver, you can almost taste the ionic air.

22. Beachy Elegance: Stained Wood + White

This brown-heavy home contrasts dark colors with light distressed surfaces for coastal elegance.

23. Hibiscus + White

Flowery, fiery red accents make a fresh statement in a bright white room.

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