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Boho Christmas Carol
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A Bohemian Christmas Carol

Calling all travelers, artists and free spirits: this holiday season, express your truest, boldest self with boho Christmas décor! Whether you're looking for tips on how to add Christmas décor to the boho-chic style or vice versa, follow these decorating ideas for an eclectic, global-inspired space – at its most jolly!

Give your boho-chic sofa and table arrangement an extra soft, winter charm with comfy throw pillows and warm woodsy decor. Holiday decor is all about creating a cozy, inviting space for family and friends to gather, so look for ways to incorporate plush fabrics and calming colors wherever you can!

boho Christmas coffee table
If boho style is anything, it's all about the unconventional. First, go against the grain with an arrangement of lamps and lanterns in wintry, woodsy colors, and don't hold back when it comes to texture. The trio of decorative floor lanterns pictured above is made from a true 'treasure trove' of eclectic materials – including beaded wood, rope, metal and even bamboo! Secondly, show off a collection of souvenirs from around the globe with a bookcase or curio cabinet – and adorn it with holiday garland and pops of red or green for a traditional Christmas touch. Finally, when decorating boho-chic at Christmas, remember: the trick to making festive accents pop is to keep the majority of pieces in calmer colors. Notice, above, how the rich red of the area rug stands out against a palette of cool neutrals.

In this boho Christmas living room, a Persian-inspired area rug warms a 'snowy' white space with a rich red glow. Meanwhile, traditional holiday accents – like the Christmas tree and garland – act as background décor, allowing the more vintage, eclectic pieces to take center stage.

Boho Christmas element chair 2

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