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Escape to a world of wild and free-spirited style that inspires and enriches, delights and distinguishes, enlivens and elevates…welcome to Modern Boho. Filled with textures, materials, colors and patterns that are a celebration of nature and culture, bohemian is more than just a look, it’s a philosophy. Embrace the unfamiliar, enjoy the eclectic and create a home with more character than you could ever imagine.

Modern Boho Catalog

Modern Boho Room
Modern Boho Room
Modern Boho Dining Room
Mix It Up. Part of what makes bohemian style easy to achieve is the appreciation for eclecticism. This means you can mix a variety of looks – from modern, to rustic, to industrial – to create a space that feels layered and collected over time. A dining room like this combines designs and plays with different colors, shapes and textures for an inviting setting.
Modern Boho Room
The Softer Side. Many of us associate bohemian spaces with bold colors and wild patterns, but there’s another side of it all. A softer side. Neutral tones and subdued prints can still achieve that free-spirited style. The key to making it feel eclectic is adding unexpected touches. A textural wall hanging here, a sheepskin chair and ottoman there – even an olive tree – bring in layers of nature that help to enrich rooms like this soothing retreat.

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