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8 Vanity Ideas for an Inspiring Beauty Corner

Make getting ready chic with these eight vanity ideas for bedroom and bathroom.

Next to a Bed

Your own personal vanity space should be your own (meaning, it should be as accessible as possible, for whenever you need it). If your bathroom is shared, this may pose a problem, as other people may have to use the space when you need to use your vanity. Regardless of the bathroom situation, there’s not a space in the house that’s more personal than your bedroom, so nothing makes more sense than a vanity in it! Here, you can ensure your vanity is yours.

Mirrored Vanity

A vanity table loves a mirror like blush loves a good primer – this isn’t news, since the whole point of the vanity is to help you get ready in the morning. But while the traditional way of styling a vanity is to hang a mirror on the wall above it, not-so-traditional is a vanity made out of mirrors. This kind of design sparkles and shines (just like the shimmery eyeshadow palettes, highlighters and lip glosses which it stores)!

Bright White

A bright white finish feels fresh while making statement accents stand out. Style a white vanity with accessories, such as a small makeup case, decorative jewelry box or decorative vase. Also, pay attention to hardware like drawer knobs to define the aesthetic.

Oval Mirror

For a softer touch, opt for a round mirror instead of the rectangular or square versions. Circular or oval will do the trick, as long as the finish of the mirror matches the vanity itself. Don’t worry too much about size; since it’s just for you, all you’ll need is a mirror large enough to capture your own beautiful face! Just make sure to place the mirror and vanity on the same wall as a window, so that you get enough light when getting ready in the mornings.

Tufted Stool

A tufted fabric stool makes things a whole lot more comfortable. (Swap out plush fabric or leather upholstery for a stool, or opt for a traditional chair or tufted armchair, instead.) Spend hours applying a video makeup tutorial or simply a few minutes to make sure you’re decent before heading out – either way, this design will keep the vibe cozy.

Black Vanity

For more of a traditional look, try a black vanity table and stool with a matching statement mirror. This statement neutral matches with everything, so have fun with the accessories – try a white vase for contrast or complementing wall décor. Crisp black is also great for defining shape (note the turned legs of the table and stool in the next image). Finally, note the detail of the hardware; metal texture adds a rustic appeal.

In the Hallway

That area of a narrow hallway that meets the outer wall of an adjacent room – you know the one, where there is a small but awkward space between rooms that’s always seen as you pass between rooms but never actually quite usedthat space is the perfect space for a vanity! Vanities are small-space versions of a traditional desk, making them the perfect design for end-of-hallways. This placement also gives you a defined space for your “getting ready zone,” as well as passersby something pretty to look at as they walk between rooms.

Desk Vanity

The desk vanity is simply a desk with a mirror above it, so if you already have a desk, you’re already halfway to completing a vanity aesthetic. Buy a desk-mirror set, or have fun with mixing and matching your own mirror and desk designs. Add to the vibe with a standout chair, and then all you’ll need to do is to sit at your vanity and prep yourself pretty!

Bedroom Vanity Ideas

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