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Tips for Redesigning a Space for Big Impact

by Kirsten Holmstedt | photography by LifeCreated

Kirsten Holmstedt is the founder and owner of Treasure in the Detail.  As a full-service interior design firm, it is their mission to curate homes for their clients that are beautiful, inviting, and functional- safe havens they will truly cherish for years to come home to.

We work with a mix of homes and spaces….all ranging in design complexity and scale. Sometimes the spaces may call for a complete gut/overhaul while other times we are able to work with the foundational elements and some of the existing furnishings while mixing in new touches to give the space a fresh, updated feel.

Recently we had the pleasure of redesigning a master bedroom for one of our clients. Their bedroom is a place they spend a lot of time in so it was very important to them to make it place they were excited to come home to and unwind in after a long day. The goal was to create a space that felt like a welcoming spa-like retreat while also reflecting their personal sense of style and one that was cohesive with the rest of the home. Through our redesign approach of this space, I will share some tips on how you can really transform a space with some subtle adjustments and additions that will leave great impact.

TIP 1 | Ensure your furniture is the right scale for the space

While the original bedroom was pretty bare lacking a unified style and character, the existing bed frame was a nice piece and a good size for the space. The nightstands, on the other hand, were much too small for the room and did not frame or complement the bed well. We chose to incorporate the chest versions of the Living Spaces Elden Bachelors Chest. They were the perfect additions to the room providing greater balance and symmetry and also made the room feel larger as a result. The tiled textured wood with the sleek metal legs were also a great way to complement the fabric tufted bed.


TIP 2 | Create a focal accent wall

To break up the large space and add interest to the room, we went bold with an accent focal wall using this fun geometric wallpaper design from Milton & King. It’s an instant attention grabber as you enter the room and is a fairly inexpensive way to really make a statement.

Geometric Accent Wall Grey Bed

TIP 3 | Don’t forget about the importance of function

Adding the leather bench at the end of the bed not only created some nice contrast to the black and white color scheme, but it also provided great function to the space.
Additionally, we created a comfortable sitting area in the open corner of the room conducive for relaxing after a long day and a space for reading.

TIP 4 | The details make the design

Don’t underestimate the impact of what the details can do for a space! In this room, we mixed contrasting light and dark elements in the décor and pops of pattern in the textiles to bring unity to the space.

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