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15 Jungle Themed Room Ideas That Sizzle

These jungle themed room ideas are brought to you by the one and only Donovan Ho of @hothouse.jungle. Read the tips and browse the images carefully, and you might almost hear the distant sounds of cawing, chirping – and, if you’re lucky, roaring!

Jungle Colors

Choose furniture in bold splashes – greens, blues and yellows invite jungle vibes.

Lush Greens

Create a habitat where plants can grow wild.

Natural Textures

From shiny leaves to furry textures, the jungle has all the feels.

A Little Bit Warmer

Warm wood, red rugs and orange planters hold secrets of more humid climates.
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More Jungle Themed Living Room Ideas

Last call for jungle inspiration images: Here are three more jungle-inspired rooms we love. From leafy wall art to bold cushions, the decorating grows on you! Mix and match colors, textures and patterns – animal print is a must for jungle style. Like the jungle itself, there’s no “overdoing it” when it comes to jungle décor; the more colors, prints and fun is truly the merrier.

Jungle Inspiration

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Jungle Themed Room Ideas

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