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Spice Up Your Life with 6 Moroccan Style Tips

If your wanderlust is off the charts these days, chances are you’re desperate for an escape. Well, now may not be the ideal time for travel, but you can surround yourself with worldly style. A colorful blend of bohemian, eclectic and modern global flair, Moroccan decor is the perfect antidote to quarantine life. Rather than feeling trapped inside your home, you will finally feel free to express your desire for exploration and relaxation through Moroccan design. We’ll take you on a journey to this exotic locale with 6 quick tips and plenty of visuals for inspiration.

1 | Say Yes to Natural Materials

In Moroccan architecture, it’s common to have a riad, which is an interior garden or courtyard. Just because it’s unlikely that you have a riad of your own, doesn’t mean you can’t channel the vibe in your space. By bringing in natural materials, you can enjoy a taste of the outside inside. That means you get to play with plenty of plants for a lush touch, and add an abundance of rattan, seagrass and cane.

2 | Add Splashes of Sunset

The beauty of a Moroccan color palette is that it is truly inspired by nature. From shades of blue and green that reflect the dazzling, refreshing waters of the Atlantic and Meditteranean, to oranges and yellows that are reminiscent of the African sunset, there are a slew of hues that help bring Moroccan style to any space.

3 | Make it Metallic

Moroccan style decor is synonymous with a sense of magic and luxury that you can translate in many ways. One of our favorite applications is bringing in a dash of enchantment through the use of metallics. From gold and brass, to silver and bronze, it’s easy to incorporate subtle glamour with sculptural end tables or lofty lighting that add sparkle and dazzle.

4 | Enliven with Pattern

When you commit to Moroccan home decor, you commit to a dramatic, eclectic look. The bolder the better, so you can’t forget to pile on the pattern. From tiles, to rugs, to pillows, to accessories, every piece is an opportunity to go big and go wild. Geometric motifs will bring lively and graphic energy to your interior, and Moroccan interior design is all about making a strong statement.

5 | Style with Tile

Moroccan architecture is often distinguished by the profuse use of tile. The influence of various cultures and time periods can be seen in all kinds of Moroccan buildings, and Moroccan style tiles are one of the most characteristic features. One way to get this look in your space is through furniture that offers tiled texture. These pieces embrace the intricacy of Moroccan art forms like zellij, which is striking tilework that’s created using geometric tiles.

6 | Pouf, There it is!

Nothing could be more authentic in a Moroccan room than a pouf. In addition to bringing in comfort and texture, a pouf is a practical, purposeful piece. Pop in a few at the end of a bed to create a Moroccan style bedroom, incorporate a couple as ottomans in a Moroccan style living room and add them to offices and bonus spaces for extra seating. They’ve been around since the 13th century, but they’re an essential part of modern Moroccan decor.

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