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Nature Themed Room Ideas

Can’t get enough of the outdoors? Bring them in with elegant forest room and nature theme room ideas.

1. Rattan Accents

Rattan is literally sourced from the coast (it’s a beach plant); in a room, it’s the perfect “nature” accessory. Here, you can see it in the accent chair on the left, paired with a matching pouf made of jute (another coastal material).

2. Seashell Decor

See the seashell under the nighstand? It’s hard to miss, and is what makes this room a scene from nature. Earthy bed, nightstand and rug combined provides an outdoors-in experience. Perfect for anyone who’d rather be hiking along the coast.

3. Foggy Morning

There’s nothing like breathing the fresh air on some early-morning hiking trip, and this color palette replicates the feel perfectly. Also note the scenic wall art in the back and the clay vase on the coffee table – both of which help define a nature theme.

4. Indoor Tree

An indoor tree is your best bet for bringing nature in. Most don’t require much sun or water and are easy to take care of, but if you’re really not the green thumb type, an artificial tree is the next best thing. Either way, plants are best paired with rustic wood furniture, like shown here.

5. Nature Theme Guest Room

This guest room will make any guest feel right outdoors. Features include a desert-inspired succulent wall art piece, a giant indoor tree and tonal, earthy colors.

6. Lakeside

Remember those fond days spent at the lake? This bedroom lets you relive it every day. A large blue area rug serves as the “water,” while brown bed, table and curtains make up the “sandy shore.”

7. In the Woods

This forest themed room aesthetic is all about the woodsy vibes. Above, there’s the forest room decor woodland floral wall art; below, there’s the warm and cozy area rug; in between, there’s the pillow with foliage print, leaves in a vase and rich wood furniture.

8. Evergreen Forest

To get the DIY evergreen forest look: Find a large, sturdy branch or stick. Around it, tightly tie a piece of string, and leave enough string leftover to attach a wreath. Add as many strings for wreaths as you want; the more hanging wreaths, the more arboreal the aesthetic!

9. Reclaiming Nature

A nature theme would be nothing without wood. Wood is a powerful material; it warms, neutralizes, grounds and defines – and the best part about it is it’s completely natural. In a nature-themed room, natural is good. Shown here, a reclaimed dining set adds so much woodsy character, you almost expect to see a woodland chipmunk or fawn pop out from around the corner!

The great outdoors holds all the secrets of interior design. (In a sense, it’s “the original interior design.”) Colors, textures, even aromas harmonize; you need look no further than the mountains, beaches, lakes and rivers to get a sense of peace and beauty. Why should it stop when you get home?

Finding Inspiration for a Nature-Themed Room:  Simple Ideas

A nature-themed room incorporates a nature-inspired color palette (browns, greys, beige, white, blue and green) with textures like leather, wood, jute and rattan. Just like the actual outdoors, it also knows the power of balance. Outdoors: For every thicket of trees, there’s a vast blue sky, for every early-morning sunrise there’s an all-encompassing night, and for every colorful flower, leaf, and bush, there’s a warm and grounding root. Play with colors and textures, but remember the power of balance. The goal in creating a nature-inspired room is a simple one: Keep it simple!

Nature-Themed Room Decor

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