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City Style: Create an Arizona-Inspired Space

Arizona has been growing fast for years, quickly adding to its population of seven million. If you’ve ever seen a Southwest sunset or experienced Arizona’s mild weather in the winter, you can see why this state consistently ranks among the top locations for growth. Whether you’re reminiscing about a great vacation you had in the Grand Canyon State, or you’re missing the state you once called home, an Arizona-inspired space may be just what you need! Here’s how to get it.

Keep Arizona Colors in Mind

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When you envision the desert, you might assume the main color is just brown. And while Arizona does have lots of shades of brown—from the beige tumbleweeds to the brown-orange desert clay—the Sonoran Desert is also imbued with some bright colors. That’s because the color of cactus flowers can range from red, yellow or orange to pink or purple. Plus, there’s the fiery orange and even deep purple of those unforgettable Arizona sunsets, so make sure any paint or décor in your home reflects these colors.

Get a Few Southwestern Rugs

Another way to get an Arizona-inspired space is to cover your floors with a few area rugs that remind you of this state. The key to finding an authentic rug of this kind is to look for geometric patterns. And since the desert features so many bright colors, you can’t go wrong by picking a deep red or dark purple rug. If you need a neutral area rug, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one with lots of beige and brown hues in a pattern you love. And go ahead and buy matching geometric throw pillows to round out this Arizona look for your home!

Go with Leather Furniture

Leather was a staple of the Wild West, and it still is. So if you’re looking for ways to furnish your home like an Arizona native would, look for leather sofas and sectionals. In particular, brown is a solid choice for an Old West theme, but you can make the look more modern with black or white leather instead if you’d like.

Put Some Plants in Your Arizona-Inspired Space

Every home could use a few potted plants. The nice thing about Arizona flora is that it tends to be hardy and need very little water. So if you like low-maintenance plants, buy a cactus or two for your home. Another plant you’ll see a lot in Arizona is the palm tree, so feel free to put a few small ones around your house.

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Feature Native American Handcrafted Décor in Your Home

Considering that one quarter of Arizona is made up of Indian reservations, it makes sense that many people pay homage to the first residents of the land with their interior décor. For example, you can buy authentic Navajo pottery, ceramic statues, woven baskets and throw blankets to put around your home. Many Arizona residents also hang up dreamcatchers and Kokopelli wall art to complete the southwestern look, so feel free to do the same if you want that Arizona feel for your home!

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