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What Does ‘Open Box’ Mean?

What does Open Box mean, anyway? Here's our complete guide to Open Box items.
how does open box work
How does open box work?
An open box product is a product that has been previously purchased and returned, and is up for sale once again. These items come at a deep discount and are just of the one single quantity, so they go fast. Each open box item has been inspected by our returns team and is final sale only.
Is open box the same as used?

Shopping open box isn’t the same as shopping used. While used can refer to anything that has been previously used, an open box item's condition has to meet specific requirements by our returns inspections team. Open box items come in three categories:

Like New: Like New condition products have not been taken out of the original packaging.

Very Good: These items are not in the original packaging, but have not been used.

Good: Good condition items are gently used and may have minimal signs of wear.

What is the difference between open box, used, second-hand, new and refurbished products?
Open box items go through an inspection process by our returns team to ensure they meet one of three conditions: Like New, Very Good or Good. (All of these are considered excellent working condition.) While we do not sell “used items," it is a term you may hear across the industry meaning, simply, “something that has been used before.” While mostly referring to electronics, refurbished items like cell phones and laptops have been previously purchased, used as a display model or floor model, or deemed defective; they are made to be like brand new again with necessary repairs. And finally, there’s “new”: this is the term referring to any product that has never before been used.
open box advantage disadvantage
What are the benefits/advantages of open box?
With open box, you get a great discount. It’s great for the price — and for the quality; every open box item has to go through our returns inspection team, and be in great condition. Most open box items appear new, only being labeled ‘open box’ because the actual box it was in was once opened.
What are the risks/disadvantages of buying open box?
The one disadvantage to shopping open box? The return policy is that it's final sale and can’t be returned. This makes it hard for those who aren’t 100% sure that this is a purchase they want to keep before buying.
What to look for/consider when buying open box?
When buying open box, look for something you need and know you’ll want to keep. In terms of product quality, each open box item must pass through our returns inspection team for dents and other signs of wear. For items labeled Like New, these appear very much like new items. You won’t see any signs of wear and tear for this reason, which means you can just focus on the styles of the products you like most without worrying about condition.
open box warranty
Do open box items have warranty?
No, open box items do not come with a warranty. However, financing is available when purchasing open box.
Can I return the product after open box delivery?
No, open box items cannot be returned.
Grab an open box deal while you can!
Compared to retailers’ sticker price for the new products, open box products always come at a heavily discounted price. No matter where you’re shopping, they go fast: grab the deals while you can!

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