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6 Sofa Trends for 2024, According to Experts

The sofa that we all collectively thought of when we thought of “sofa” — rectangle, practical, boxy — is fading out. As of a few years ago, the design world has seen trends towards new and imaginative ways to do seating, taking inspiration from styles and textures across the globe.

In a nutshell: minimalism, clean colors and high comfort are being held like a lit match under 2024 sofa styles. To take you through each one, we asked a few designers for their thoughts, faves and how best to make these looks your own.
Modular, Flexible Comfort
When we asked Brynna Evans, a Living Spaces staff designer, about the biggest trend for 2024, her response reminded us to think bigger than the next 12 months: “The deeper reason for the trend toward modular shapes? We’re leaning toward designs that adapt to future trends - toward pieces that can be customized and kept for years down the line.”

When asked about the best way to use a modular design in 2024, she recommends "the L shape or corner, which are familiar and cozy. L shapes add a laidback component, but the modular shape gives you the capability to change it up when you're feeling stylish." These shapes, she says, "also allow for zoning, or creating lines separating and focusing spaces withing open floor plans." (See the last trend on this list for more on the L-shape trend!)

Cozy Chesterfield Silhouettes
“The Chesterfield silhouette remains compelling in 2024, thanks to a demand for curved shapes. The rise of vintage pieces to soften a modern home also adds to the appeal. Think grandma- and grandpa-chic.”

Emilie Navarro, a Living Spaces Interior Designer who provided the quote above, shared her opinions on styling the Chesterfield look in 2024: "While 2024 is going to be about getting back to simplicity, the Chesterfield is an exception. There's a lot going on, from the rolled arms to the tufting." Your best bet, according to the designer, is to "let the details shine on their own, no extra cushions needed."

Classic Velvet
Emilie Navarro feels strongly that velvet is going to be a major theme in interiors for 2024, because "it's stylish without feeling stuffy, cozy without feeling boring." While it brings the luxury vibes, it's deceptively easy to clean. The short fibers are forgiving of stains, and actually aren't delicate but in fact durable and long-lasting.

Her thoughts on styling a velvet sofa with pillows: "balance out velvet with silk or linen throws, which are light and airy. In 2024, we are going to see neutral and light velvet sofas, less bright and bold. Stick to contrast in color, too, letting 'bright and bold' come out in the throw pillows and accents, instead."

Almost Peach
Peachy and light pink colors are going to be big this year. (Peach Fuzz is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2024.) The sentiment extends from fashion to decor to furniture; use it in the sofa to get in line with 2024 trendsetters.

According to Navarro, "peach feels like a summer shade, but it works year-round with the right complements. In winter, use dark green or blue around peach or light pink. In the summer, stick to lighter pink or peach accents around the sofa for a smooth chromatic feel."

Embracing Minimalism
If our designer Brynna Evans is on board with any sofa trend for 2024, it's minimalism. "It's the perfect trend to start off the new year. With a focus on decluttering, minimalism in lines, shapes, and spaces starts 2024 off fresh - a new and bright canvas as you imprint more of your unique style and accessories down the road."

What is a minimalist sofa? The designer concludes "it's less about the sofa and more about how the sofa is placed in the room. The open, bright space around it. The lack of embellishments and a simple, clean color palette."

Chaise + Corner Shapes
Designer Brynna Evans ends her list of 2024 sofa trends with an emphasis on corner and chaise shapes. "It wouldn't be 2024 without that desire for keeping things safe and comforting. As long as families and friends can gather and home can be the focal point, no matter the personal style or decor - that's what's trending across households."

On the editorial side, we're noticing a shift towards warmer neutrals and earth tones. With a gravitation toward a more comforting color palette, perhaps the comfort of a classic sofa, in a shape that can be modified but still accessible to multiple loungers, fits into a theme of comfort and home for 2024.

What Kind of Sofa Is in Style Now?

Chesterfield, track arms, curved and modular sofas are in style at the moment. The most popular sofa has to be modular, since custom, shapeable comfort will only continue to grow this decade. Modular designs, which allow you to change the shape from L to a straight line or separate the seats, come in all trendy colors for 2024.

What Color Sofas Are in for 2024?

In for 2024 are white, black, neutral and muted or warm colors. Out are the energizing blasts of hot hues. Mustard, pistachio and other 70s-inspired looks are especially reigning supreme.

What Is a Timeless Color for a Sofa?

Despite trends coming and going, neutral, grey and white sofas will always be in style. Beige sofas can be dressed up or down with any color of accent throw you like, and come in uber versatile shades. White offers a clean, fresh evergreen look (but isn't for the spill-prone)!

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