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Small Spaces Design Workshop

Our Design Guides are here to help. Pro tips, life hacks and more, personalized for you, in our FREE Small Spaces Design Workshop!

Our Design Guides

Our design guides are here to guide you through the process of planning your small space, to help you find solutions to your challenges, so you can celebrate life’s moments in a home you love.

Goal: Our goal is simple: to guide and support you through the design process, helping you find the perfect furnishings that suit your needs, style, + budget.

What You'll Learn

Stumped by your small space? Whatever the type of small space you are working with (whether it is an apartment, condo, small house or other), our Design Guides will share the tips and tricks on Space Planning, Functional Furnishings and Color Application – to help you create a home that feels pulled-together and refreshed.

The Competition (+ Living Spaces voucher!)

Make sure to come with your game faces on! Once the Design Guides have shared their “secrets” for designing (& decorating) small spaces, you’ll team up with other workshop participants. The challenge? Room makeover! You’ll be assigned an empty room in the store – to transform it into a small space haven.

Oh, and did we mention that just for participating, you’ll get a Living Spaces voucher? Let the games begin!

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