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Best Stearns & Foster Mattresses & Reviews

We’ve rounded up the best Stearns & Foster mattresses for 2021. Factors such as number of reviews, high ratings, opinions of our sleep experts and popularity went into the choosing of our top three. Read the reviews below along with a quick guide and summary of what goes into each mattress.

1. Cassatt Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm

(Best Overall)

Upholstery details, like velvet side attachments and luxurious embroidery, add beauty to award-winning comfort.

Best Features:

  • Quilt layer
  • Indulge Memory Foam
  • Intellicoil HD

The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate collection is a cult favorite and a classic, so it’s no wonder that the Cassatt Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm, one of our bestselling mattresses of all time, comes from it. (The other two mattresses on this list, the Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm and the Rockwell Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm, come from a different but similar collection – the Rockwell Estate.) As stated on the Lux Estate section of the Stearns & Foster website, “it’s the little details that matter,” so let’s take a closer look at what sets the Cassatt apart.

As with any mattress, the most important feature is the mattress type, and the Cassatt comes with a hybrid of memory foam and coil tech. More specifically, you get Indulge Memory Foam and Intellicoil HD, a Stearns & Foster exclusive blend designed to feel more supportive than a memory foam mattress. The Cassatt also comes with copper air vents designed to keep the mattress fresh and cool.

Now, talking about a mattress’s fabric might seem weird, but with Stearns & Foster, you have to, because it is luxurious. The Cassatt gets rich upholstery treatment – including a stretch-knit, sustainably-sourced fiber quilt top (designed to wick away moisture), velvet handles and a signature embroidered logo.

Cassatt Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm Featured Reviews

“My fiancé and I bought this bed because of recurring back issues. It’s so comfortable and we haven’t had issues since! Our dog is even obsessed with this bed!” – Verbear, December 2020

“I love my new Sterns and Foster mattress. It's hard to get out of bed; just want to roll over and continue to sleep!" – Lizxmas, October 2020

“I am in love with this bed. The pillow top gives it a luxurious plush feel while still being extremely supportive. I have it paired with an adjustable base from Revive and the results are phenomenal for me. Previously, my lower back problems would make it so I felt like I couldn’t get a full, comfortable night’s sleep anywhere. Now I am getting the best sleep ever!" – Sharmaine, October 2020

“The mattress is fantastic, very comfortable and has a great warranty. I'm very happy with the choice we made." – Cdub, July 2020

Cassatt Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm: The Final Word

For decades, Stearns & Foster has held a reputation for their innerspring mattresses. The new Cassatt Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm, which is not an innerspring but an award-winning hybrid, takes the brand's comfort to the 21st century.

2. Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm

(Best Firm)

If you don't currently sleep on your back, the Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm just might convert you with its all-night support and comfort.

Best Features:

  • Highest firmness level
  • Quilt layer
  • Intellicoil HD

The Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm comes with all the key features of the Cassatt (Indulge Memory Foam, Intellicoil HD and a quilt top layer). What makes the Rockwell unique is actually what it doesn’t have: a pillow top. For fans of an extra-firm comfort level, this one’s a beast. Even compared with non-Stearns & Foster mattresses, it ranks high for firmness.

Making a super-firm mattress that’s also comfortable is not a walk in the park. It’s the equivalent of nearly two-hundred years (yes, that’s how long the Stearns & Foster name has been around!), of studying, engineering and adapting the world’s best foam-and-coil technologies. It’s come to this, the Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm: for extra-extra-extra-extra support, it can’t be beat.

Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm Featured Reviews

“I love it!!! After years looking for the right mattress. Finally :) No more back pain or waking up feeling tired. Amazing product.” – Ayoung, January 2021

“Firm but soft, provides a good night's rest with less body aches.” – Linkyb, December 2020

"Finally found a good firm mattress. Just what we wanted." – Mark, December 2020

"I was looking for a true firm mattress that would not soften over time, and this was the firmest I could find. PLUS it has a 10-year warranty. Happy with it so far!" – alie, October 2020

Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm: The Final Word

For most people, a firm mattress isn’t a matter of preference; it’s a matter of necessity. If you’re looking for the firmest feel you can get in a mattress, the Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm delivers.

3. Rockwell Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm

(Best Pillow Top)

The Rockwell Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm offers less of a firming feel than the Rockwell Ultra Firm and a smaller price tag than the Cassatt.

Best Features:

  • Euro pillow top
  • Intellicoil HD
  • Indulge Memory Foam

Although this is technically a list of the top three Stearns & Foster mattresses, it’s really spotlighting two of the best lines from the brand: the Cassatt and the Rockwell. Along with the Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm, we wanted to spotlight the Rockwell Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm for its softer surface (a Euro top is pretty much like a giant silky pillow stitched onto the surface of the mattress) and medium-firm feel. It’s the perfect mattress for those looking for less intense support than the Ultra Firm – and a lesser price tag than the Cassatt.

Rockwell Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm Featured Reviews

“When I tested mattresses, this was by far the most comfortable. Gave enough support, but also gave the pillow top comfort. No question – lots of money for the mattress, but it is worth it.” – ALEX, January 2021

"Undeniably the best mattress my husband and I have ever laid our bodies on. It is a perfect blend of firmness and softness, there is just no way to explain it. The biggest setback to this mattress is the price, but trust me when I say that nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth more than getting a good night's sleep. After sleeping on it the first night, we didn’t want to get out of bed. I’m a side sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper, and we had finally found something that works perfectly for both our sleeping needs. Don’t doubt it. It’s an investment, yes, a pricey one, but one you’ll be thanking yourself for over and over and over again. Sure, you’ll spend an extra $500-$700 than regular-priced mattresses, but there’s a reason you will. Test it, and you won’t regret it." – nancnef, August 2020

"We love our mattress. A luxurious top but firm underneath!" – Deschepper, July 2020

"I just love my Rockwell Euro Pillow Top. I wanted a mattress that would last me for years. It is so worth the cost. I had back pain but know with my new mattress I feel SO much better. I brag to many friends and family that investing in a good mattress is well worth it. There is nothing like coming home from a long day of work to get into a bed with comfort. I sleep like an angel. Thank you Stearns and Foster." – Dani, July 2020

Rockwell Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm: The Final Word

While still bearing a higher-end price tag, the Rockwell Luxury Firm comes at less of a cost when compared to some of the other mattresses within the luxe Stearns & Foster brand. And while some shoppers prefer extra-firm comfort levels, the Luxury Firm offers the perfect alternative for those with more mid-range inclinations.

Handcrafted Comfort

Founded in the 19th century, Stearns & Foster has been crafting mattresses by hand for generations. In this section, learn about the quality materials and construction that go into each Stearns & Foster mattress – and the types of sleepers a Stearns & Foster mattress is designed to benefit most.

If there's one thing that sets a Stearns & Foster mattress apart from the rest, it's the authentic craftsmanship. Each Stearns & Foster mattress is made by hand – by expert craftsmen with a relentless eye for detail. While making each mattress by hand results in a slower design process, the end result is an exceptional bed of the highest quality.

Made with a core of innersprings designed for superior pressure-absorption, each Stearns & Foster mattress combines a system of firm coils with premium layers of comfort foams. As a result, a Stearns & Foster mattress merges adaptive cushioning with aligning support for the ultimate in sleep comfort.

Stearns & Foster has built a brand around handcrafted comfort. For 175 years, the mattress powerhouse has distinguished itself from competitors with higher-end materials, a slower (and more detail-oriented) mattress production and, perhaps most striking, putting as much time and effort into the look of the mattress as they do into the feel.
According to their website, the team of Certified Master Craftsmen (which is what the brand calls their mattress-makers) “[lives] by a higher standard of excellence . . . who've honed and perfected their craft over time.” But if there’s one thing Stearns & Foster wants you to take away from their brand, it’s their attention to beauty: they “craft mattresses for your bedroom, home, and lifestyle.”
Another way the brand has set itself apart? It’s stuck to its firm belief that with the right materials and craftsmanship, innersprings can deliver as much comfort and support as any other mattress type. Amidst today’s buzz over the “latest-and-greatest” foam technology, it’s a quiet yet resilient motto that proves itself, time and again.

Luxe Pillow Tops

One of Stearns & Foster's signature design elements is their luxurious pillow top. Though you can opt for a Stearns & Foster mattress without one, you will find most Stearns & Foster mattresses to feature it – and for good reason. Embedded with innovative microcoils for lasting, resilient comfort, each Stearns & Foster pillow top layer offers a unique blend of targeted support and enhanced, pillow-soft comfort.

Best for: Stearns & Foster mattresses with pillow tops provide a unique combination of comfort and support, though because of the extra cushioning provided by the pillow top layer, those who sleep on their sides or backs tend to find Stearns & Foster pillow top mattresses most comfortable. If you prefer to sleep on your stomach (or prefer high support), skip the pillow top, and opt instead for a Stearns & Foster bed with a firmer density level.

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