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FAQs on COVID-19

FAQs regarding the impact of COVID-19, including how we’re prioritizing the safety of our guests and changes to our store operations.

Frequently Asked Questions - COVID-19

1. Which Living Spaces stores are open?

Please check our Locations page for a complete list of which stores are currently open and closed.

2. What measures are in place to ensure guests’ safety?

Within our open stores, strict cleaning regimens are being executed with highly disinfectant cleaners to protect our guests and employees. Public and office areas are being cleaned, as well, and sanitized multiple times each day. Additionally, a strict sick policy is in place, and any employee who is not feeling well is staying home. For our guests’ safety, the Kids’ Fun Rooms within our open stores will remain closed, and the serving of cookies and other refreshments is suspended.

3. Are scheduled deliveries still occurring?

Yes, scheduled deliveries are still ocurring.

While a signature is required for all deliveries, we understand if a guest does not feel comfortable touching the driver’s phone. In that case, a driver may complete the questions/signature on the customer’s behalf but must hold the phone up for visibility and guest agreement. Pictures will be taken of the delivered product as a second validation point.

We also understand there may be guests who won't feel comfortable with drivers coming into their homes. In those instances, the drivers will be happy to leave the furniture in a safe, dry area outside of the guest's door or in a garage (if desired).

4. Living Spaces imports some merchandise from overseas. Could the product be contaminated?

All import items are shipped in sealed containers. Transit time for import items is typically at least 6 weeks once sealed in a container. According to current information from the CDC, the maximum time the virus can stay on a surface is 9 days, in ideal conditions. Therefore, the virus will not have been able to survive the length of an import time.

5. Are there any impacts to Special Orders or dropship?

Currently, all Special Order lead times have been adjusted to 3-8 weeks as a result of business disruptions due to Covid-19. Guests will be contacted when their special order is ready to ship.

While some of the vendors that supply accessories (and other items that qualify for dropship) may be closing, all impacted items will be removed from the website or not available for purchase.

6. What about customer pickup?

For closed locations, customer pickup is unavailable. For open locations, customers can still pick up their orders. Check here for current information on store operations.

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