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4 Fabric Trends Dominating Interiors in 2024

Animal prints, linen, boucle and botanicals are all the rage. See how our designer Jessica Harris recommends incorporating these textiles into your home.
1. Floral Print
Not just florals, botanicals and bloomy petals are blossoming everywhere this year.

Living Spaces designer Jessica Harris gives us an easy way to style the floral fabric trend in 2024: “This year’s emphasis on patterns and prints means lots of mixing and matching. An easy combination is stripes and florals, or stripes and anything. Stripes are timeless, not tied to a trend. They’re sleek and don’t overpower bolder patterns like florals. When styling stripes and floral prints in your home, balance; stick to either thin stripes with large florals, or small florals with large stripes.”

Floral Prints That Make a Splash

2. Linen
Promoting sustainability, all-natural linen looks good on the environment - and your style.

According to Harris, “Linen works best in neutral tones like oatmeal and ivory, which continue the inner calmness that an all-natural material already brings. If you bring linen into any room, make it the bedroom! As crazy as it sounds, the lack of synthetic chemicals gives linen a physically calming energy you can actually feel. (It’s also gentle on the skin, so works great for sheets.)"

Low-Maintenance Linen

3. Animal Print
Cheetah, leopard, zebra, cow and giraffe prints are statement makers in 2024.

Harris weighs in on the animal print trend with enthusiasm. “I love how specific it is. This trend feels exotic and playful. Centuries ago, animal prints were used as a symbol of class status. Now, it’s a way to express a glam and luxurious side of your personality. While zebra, tortoise and giraffe are more niche and rare to trend, cheetah and leopard are timeless favorites.”

So Wild!

4. Boucle
This retro, nubby-textured fabric is making a comeback in 2024 and looks here to stay.

Harris hypes up the power of soft neutrals for this fabric trend. “The ‘vanilla girl’ aesthetic, which TikTok users know and love, is the trendiest cozy vibe. It’s affecting the textures that are rising in popularity, like boucle. At the same time, the flip is true: the trending cozy textures, like boucle, promote the popularity of ‘vanilla.’ But you don’t need TikTok to see how creamy soft, white neutrals are the best way to bring out boucle’s cozy vibes.”

Bring on the Boucle

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