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What Is Boucle?

Our guide to boucle, the internet’s favorite fabric. Run your fingers through this popular yarn and watch your cares run away!

What Is Boucle Fabric?

Boucle’s etymology comes from the French: boulcer means “to curl.” This makes sense, as boucle is a looped fabric that looks like short, textured curls. Most boucle fabrics are made from wool or mohair. In feel, boucle is soft and fluffy.

What Are the Uses of Boucle Fabric?

Boucle is commonly found in furniture – think seats. Lending a cozy appeal, boucle armchairs, sofas, pillows and poufs are an easy way to add texture to style. Boucle is often a more affordable option to sheepskin or sherpa while still providing the fluffy feel that makes these materials so coveted.
Boucle is also a popular choice for drapes, as the added texture plays nicely off of natural light – and makes a great contrast to plain walls. Boucle window treatments are also heavier than cotton ones, making them ideal for easily blocking out light.

How Is Boucle Fabric Made?

Boucle fabric is made through a looping technique involving the combination of two yarn strands. The two pieces of yarn are plied together – with one piece taut and the other loose. The loose strand acts as the loop, while the taut strand anchors the two. The process involved in making boucle is time-consuming and involves great attention to detail, making the end result one that looks and feels set apart from other common materials.

Why Choose Boucle?

Found in rugs, poufs, sofas and chairs, boucle fabric offers a unique and soft texture. With just a pop of boucle, your furniture item becomes dimensional, touchable and cozy. The main selling point of boucle, though, is that it is an attainable alternative to sherpa and sheepskin, providing a similar look and feel without the high cost. Boucle is also a cornerstone of vintage styles, as it was popular in the mid-century era of design; bring boucle into the home now for a retro touch.

Boucle Fabric In Vintage Designs

In line with the rise of vintage trends, boucle throws and pillows are becoming more and more popular with home designers. Most boucle pieces come in shades of beige and in rounded frames (such as boucle cushions on curved-armrest accent chairs) – each part of a boucle, from color to shape to material, creating an overall super-cozy effect. With people spending more and more time at home, vintage boucle pieces and the cozy atmosphere they create become an easy way to freshen up tired spaces.

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