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Guide to Velvet Furniture & Decor

Tips and tricks for understanding and caring for velvet furniture and decor.

What is velvet furniture?

Velvet is a type of material with a plush, soft texture. The softness of velvet is a result of a special loom technique in which two types of fibers are woven together and then cut apart, creating a pile effect. Typically, velvet is made from a synthetic material such as polyester.

velvet chair

What is the difference between velvet and velour?

Velour is a type of material with a similar feel to velvet, and is often confused for velvet. The main difference between the two is that velvet typically has a higher pile, while velour often has a denser feel.

How do you care for velvet furniture?

There’s no doubt that velvet furniture offers a luxurious feel – but part of maintaining that luxury lies in knowing how to properly care for it.
velvet daybed
  1. Check the cleaning care codes on your velvet furniture piece. The last thing you want is to damage your furniture or worsen any stains.
  2. Spot test an area first. Mild dish soap mixed with water is usually the best bet for treating stains on velvet, but if you are still unsure about whether your cleaning solution will work even after checking the care codes, test a small spot in a covered area before treating.
  1. Dry, vacuum and brush. Once you’ve blotted the stain or spill from your velvet furniture piece, use a dry towel to absorb any remaining solution, and go over the area with a vacuum for a deep clean. Finally, gently brush down the fibers with a soft bristle brush to help maintain velvet’s natural sheen.

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