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Everything You Need to Know About Drew and Jonathan Scott's Exciting Collections

As design, renovation and lifestyle experts, Drew and Jonathan Scott are uniquely equipped to improve everything about your home, including the way it looks, feels and functions. The beloved brothers have been helping families realize their real estate dreams for years, and now they're extending their wealth of knowledge and their grasp of timeless style to you through a variety of exciting furniture, accessory and mattress collections.
With a full lineup of pieces for your living room, dining room, bedrooms and office, you’ll find that Drew and Jonathan’s aesthetic is at once casual and elegant, refined and inviting. Their goal is to inspire you to create spaces that you love and are proud of, allowing each room to continue to evolve with you. Thanks to collections that capture Drew and Jonathan’s commitment to comfort, beauty and function, you will get to experience what it’s like to have the duo personally elevate your home.
As you can imagine, Drew and Jonathan poured their heart and soul into these pieces, and they’ve answered our most burning questions about the collections. Discover what inspired them, what their design process entails and how they worked together to bring you the best representations of their style.

Living Spaces: Why did you decide to partner with Living Spaces to launch furniture, accessory, and mattress collections?

Drew and Jonathan: Living Spaces is a leader in home furnishings, because they understand how to design for the whole home. Just like us, they bring people together through efficient and accessible design that makes room for everyone. That matters to us and the families we serve.

LS: What were your major sources of inspiration when designing your collections?

D & J: We love finding inspiration the minute we step outside. In Southern California, there’s no shortage of visually stunning surroundings: from the mountains to the beach, to the architecture that can get overlooked if you’re in the car all the time. We like to get out, walk around and take in the scenery. We look for light, angles and colors that make us feel a special combination of relaxed and energized, and then we come back and try to recapture that feeling in our designs.

LS: Can you highlight a few pieces that are particularly special to you and explain why?

D & J: We’re doing a new sectional, which is exciting and rewarding for us. Coming from a family of three boys, we were fighting over space on the sofa regularly. Our Culver sectional has plenty of room for everyone, and it makes good use of that space with a low profile that’s comfortable and fits into any design.

LS: How do you work together to design a collection?

D & J: We’re always thinking about the families we serve and their needs, so it helps us to remind each other of a particular family we worked with or issue we had to solve. It’s a gift to have someone who shares your goals but might take a different approach, in a way that could completely change your perspective on a design or a piece.

LS: What makes these collections different from other home furnishing offerings in the market?

D & J: We’re really looking for the intersection of modern design and traditional comfort. There shouldn’t be a tradeoff for space, especially when our clients often need as much space as they can get: they have big or growing families, or they’re living in a smaller place but still want to enjoy guests and family coming over.

LS: What did you set out to accomplish when you designed these collections?

D & J: We wanted to design profiles that are comfortable while using space efficiently, so that someone gets that magical feeling of everything perfectly fitting the moment they place it in their home. We tried to place those moments of special comfort in simple, understated ways, like the center supports and chair handles in the Westridge dining collection.

LS: What current trends do you both find yourselves gravitating to?

D & J: We’re bringing back Art Deco silhouettes and metallics in a way that’s exciting and modern. Those designs allow us to play with contrast and bold colors more than we ever have before. We’re very into rich, deep colors in accent pieces that can stand out amid larger neutrals.

LS: What is your favorite aspect of designing a collection?

D & J: The act of creating something new is invigorating. Whether we’re starting our company or a new television series, there’s nothing that beats the feeling of a blank canvas: that anything is possible, and that the only boundaries are the ones you make for yourself.

LS: Who are your personal design heroes?

D & J: We’re personally inspired by designers working in modern profiles with a sense of traditional or historical context. Jonathan Adler is probably the best-known designer in that space today. We love seeing what fellow Living Spaces designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are up to, although we might be a little biased, since we work together with them in show production, too!

LS: What makes a perfect design?

D & J: The perfect design works for the person who’s using it: it’s versatile and sustainable, it can be easily moved and rearranged, and it provides them as much pleasure and comfort as it did the first time they used it.

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